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Henry and Comolli Tell Liverpool Supporters Not To Expect Any Major Changes

 Henry and Comolli Tell Liverpool Supporters Not To Expect Any Major Changes

I don’t envy supporters of Liverpool Football Club. The stark reality for supporters, some of whom have not yet accepted it, is that Liverpool is a major transition period and it’s going to do take a few years to regain stability before they can begin progressing again.

In the past 24 hours, Liverpool director of football strategy Damien Comolli has stated that Liverpool’s future lies in the development of home-grown talent. Comolli also stated that Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson will have the final say on transfer signings. And last but not least, new Liverpool owner John W. Henry has urged Liverpool fans not to blame Hodgson. In an e-mail to a Liverpool supporters forum, Henry said, and I’m paraphrasing her directly from The Telegraph, that NESV will not attempt to mask either issue with a sudden change of manager or an unwarranted spending spree, explaining that it is unfair to use Hodgson as a scapegoat for Liverpool’s travails and outlining his belief that money will only be spent if it fits with the group’s long-term plan for the club.

Last, but not least, Liverpool does not plan on making any big-money transfer buys in the January transfer window.

What does all of this mean for Liverpool and its supporters? The bottom line is that Liverpool will have to, for the most part, make do with what they have. The same manager. Essentially the same players with perhaps one or two leaving in the transfer window. Possibly a new signing or two in the January transfer window. But, for the most part, it’s going to be a very similar set-up to what the club currently has except that the players and manager will be expected to improve their game.

These are some sobering facts for Liverpool supporters especially during a season where Manchester United has the opportunity to be crowned as the most successful club in English history if they win the Premier League. Right now, Liverpool and Manchester United have both been crowned champions of England 18 times (winning the top flight trophy, either the Premier League trophy or the First Division championship before that).

By Henry and Comolli coming out in the press and supporters forums to publicly put a stake in the ground and to try to manage the expectations of Liverpool supporters, it’s now time for those Liverpool fans to take a deep breath, realize that things aren’t going to get better suddenly and resign themselves to the fact that the club will be trophy-less for a season or two. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but the sooner Liverpool supporters do that and then get behind Hodgson and the boys, the better.

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