Video Highlights of Messi’s Incredible Performance Against Villarreal

Lionel Messi captured most of the headlines this weekend with an incredible performance against Villarreal. His two goals were sensational, especially the first. But while the goal highlights will dazzle the world, it was his performance over the entire 90 minutes that impressed me the most.

As you can see in the above video, Messi’s give-n-go’s throughout the match were sublime. How comfortable he is on the ball is amazing. And the understanding he has with his teammates regarding how they all work together is text book soccer.

Sit back and enjoy the video.

2 thoughts on “Video Highlights of Messi’s Incredible Performance Against Villarreal”

  1. Messi is by far the most gifted player in La Liga and one of the most entertaining & fun to watch. While C. Ronaldo relies more on his powerful shots, speed & physical strength, Messi is a supreme talent who can dribble past players in small spaces…

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