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Has anybody seen Yuri Zhirkov or Ramires? Apparently Carlo Ancelotti is the only person who knows their whereabouts, the only reason why their names keep appearing on Chelsea’s team sheet. With those ineffective midfielders featured Sunday at The Bridge, Chelsea was subject to one of the season’s biggest surprises, with Sunderland posting an 0-3 result on the league-leaders.

On this edition of the EPL Talk podcast, we talk about the troubled Blues, the Gunners’ return to second, Manchester United’s comeback at Villa, was well as the rest of the action around the English Premier League.

Most importantly, though, we’ll be talking about what you want to hear. You’ve hear how important listener feedback has been to recent shows. Now it’s time to have your say.

Use the comments, below, to let us know what you want to hear from the show. We’ll check the thread shortly before out 10 p.m. BST/5 p.m. EST/2 p.m. PST start time and try to incorporate your views, questions, and suggestions into the show.

You can also take part in the show my going to EPL Talk’s Ustream channel and taking part in the live show. We will also embed the player and chat room here, with the show starting just over a couple of hours from now.

14 thoughts on “Pre-Show Open Thread: EPL Talk Podcast, Weekend Review Show”

    1. Perhaps Wilkins had the audacity to suggest Chelsea might want to switch formation until Essien and/or Lampard returns?

  1. Being a Man U fan, I’m happy to see that Chelsea isn’t as impenetrable as everyone said they were. Such a lopsided victory for Sunderland was a bit interesting, though, giving me hope that Chelsea will slide a little and we can make this league a contest rather than a runaway win for Chelsea.

  2. I am really concerned about the state of liverpool the quad seems to have no real depth and there is absolutely no creativity in the midfield, something needs to change and I have a feeling that Roy Hodgson’s tactics are simply not working.

  3. Hope Kartik is back today. You guys are probably my favorite EPL podcast but the show does lack something when there are not three of you (not that the other two don’t do a good job), there is less of a sense of debate. What has happened to Dimitar Berbatov? Is this the Berba of the last few years beginning to come back to haunt United. I wonder if Rooney gets off to a hot start upon his return if that would spell then end of Berba’s stay with the Red Devils.

    1. Hi Tomas:

      Kartik will be back, and I agree that we seem to miss something. I’m sure Laurence and I could go a very good show together, but it would be a different style of show. Kartik’s a needed part of these podcasts.

  4. Sure, the Chelsea result was a shock, but you could fill an All-Star side with the players absent today. Essien, Terry, Alex, Lampard, Benayoun, Joe Cole — oops, how did he get in there?

    I guess my point is — and no, I’m no Blues supporter — that any club can be had if their lineup is weakened enough.

    Except United. They’re officially a slasher movie killer at this point. You try and try to take them out, but they always survive — typically in a comical, “you’ve got to be kidding me” fashion. The only question late in matches is, after all the unbelievably futile attempts to kill them, will they finally die in the end (read: a draw), or will there be a sequel (a United win)?

  5. Another great weekend of EPL action. I knew it would be good after the amazing comeback by United @ Aston Villa.

    Few random thoughts that I would love to hear your opinions:

    1) I posted in a previous comment section that I wish the EPL would have a cable package. Why hasnt the EPL done this. They could make a fortune by offering this & their own broadband service. Obviously, I am aware that Fox has exclusive rights now, but I think the League missed the boat.

    2) As a Manchester United supporter, I am at a complete loss to the drop in form by Berbatov. I am willing to give him a pass for the past two matches. We all heard about the virus that swept through Carrington and threatened to shelve a number of United players. The fact that Berbatov played 78 minutes in Wednesday’s derby & 73 minutes yesterday while obviously suffering from a virus was quite impressive. However, the concern lies with the fact that he has not scored since his beautiful hat trick against Liverpool. He seems disenchanted and disinterested. He had such a fantastic start to his 2010-2011 campaign. It is so frustrating because I truly believe with the return of Rooney & the emergence of Macheda & Obertan, Manchester United can win the Premier League. I left out Chicharito because we have to expect his form to drop. There is no way he would be able to maintain his blistering pace. Maybe he could?

    3) What to make of Chelsea’s struggle against better sides? They certainly dominate teams in the bottom half, but this year, everytime they have played a tougher opponent, they have lost. The fact that they have lost 3 times already gives me hope that Manchester United can catch them.

    Great site! Love the podcasts! Keep up the good work. My favorite part of every week is getting up early on Saturday to start my day full of Premier League action. My second favorite part of my week is watching the Premier League Weekend Review Show on FSN HD and then listening to EPL Talk Podcast while I continue my “career” on FIFA 11 on the PS3

  6. ” I am sure there are lots of fans who sympathise with us and what we are trying to do.” Is Hodgson delusional or does he still have the backing of “lots of fans”? Should he? Hodgson’s team are on track for 47 points in the league, which is historically good for about 11th place.

    After 22 games in charge its clear that he is going to stick to a very negative game, playing two deep lines of four consisting of 3-4 center backs and 3-4 central midfielders.

  7. Even with Manchester City in 4th place, any chance Mancini gets replaced? Two straight games at home and no goals, actually hardly any chances at all. I don’t think it would help, but I’m sure he is under alot of pressure with the money that was spent to gain a Champions League spot.

    Also – 6 points separate 5th from 18th. At this point last year, 5th to 18th was separated by 10 points. Better promoted teams, more balance from top to bottom or just as many dominant teams?

    1. I think a more competitive league is a good thing. At this point in the season, we shouldn’t be separated by many points but top to bottom is a huge gap which is only going to get bigger.

  8. John Terry off the field = jerk, but he has been integral to most of Chelsea’s success the past, really, decade. They were terrible today, anyway, but that was the straw that broke Chelsea’s back from hanging on to utterly dreadful. I think Terry’s play has been overshadowed by his off-the-field, well to call them antics would be generous.

  9. sorry how exactly is zhirkov doing bad or worse than the other chelsea players??? why is this guy so overlooked and so underated? i swear this guy has to fart fireballs to get some recognition among some dumbasses

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