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English Premier League Review, Matchday 13: EPL Talk Podcast

EPL Talk Podcast Logo draft 300x242  English Premier League Review, Matchday 13: EPL Talk Podcast

Chelsea’s troubles have the team at a season low, losing by three goals to Sunderland at Stamford Bridge. But amongst the league’s leaders, they weren’t alone in their struggles, with Manchester United and Manchester City being drawn. The only club at the top that saw three were the Gunners, impressive at Goodison, while Bolton, Spurs, and Stoke – yes, Stoke – round out the winners from the league’s top half.

On this edition of the EPL Talk Podcast, myself, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna talk about the weekend’s action, focusing on the upset at the Bridge and Arsenal’s victory over Everton. We talk about the latest news, the rest of the league’s action, as well as address your feedback on this, our weekend review podcast.

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3 Responses to English Premier League Review, Matchday 13: EPL Talk Podcast

  1. Great weekend for Arsenal given the other results

  2. Hakucha says:

    What is this guy blabbering about? Jagielka was Everton’s best defender in the pitch against Arsenal. The slide tackles on Wilshere and on Fabregas as they were ready to shot on goal comes to mind and everytime I’ve seen Everton, he has been one of their more reliable player

  3. gose says:

    arsenal is the best team ever. hope they win the league this year

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