Special 1 TV: Wayne Rooney Reports Live From Portland (Video)

The latest episode of Special 1 TV has been released by the BBC, and in it we find out that Special 1 TV will now be shown on a weekly basis instead of every two weeks.

In the episode, Wayne Rooney reports live from a clinic in Portland where he’s getting a lot of intimate recuperation. Plus he’s joined by a couple of friends.

There’s also several Jose jokes regarding his sending off mid-week in Spain.

Enjoy the new episode and Be Champions!

4 thoughts on “Special 1 TV: Wayne Rooney Reports Live From Portland (Video)”

  1. Love it! I didn’t catch on to the Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Beckham thing until the last scene. Who actually does this show? Is it a blogger type thing or a legit TV production?

    1. The show debuted on Setanta a few years ago and then became a viral hit. And now that it’s on BBC television, it’s also distributed online too. It’s a hit both on the web and television.

      The Gaffer

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