MLS Weekend Review: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast


Three of the four top seeds are out of the playoffs after this weekend’s conference semifinal action around Major League Soccer. Joining to be to talk about the past week’s results is Jeremiah Oshan. We look at the four conference semifinals as well as talk about the two teams we seem emerging from the conference finals to play for MLS Cup in Toronto.

5 thoughts on “MLS Weekend Review: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast”

  1. Final comments on FC Dallas playing anyone in the MLS Cup…

    It may be a ratings disaster, but perhaps a Dallas and San Jose/Colorado Cup Final will generate fan interest in their respective cities going into next year. We know Dallas can pack the stands… look at the Inter Milan friendly. They just need something to make fans want to come to the stadium.

  2. I ended up switching off the episode with about 20 minutes left. You kept going on and on about how people shouldn’t be talking the conference/playoff set up after the playoffs have started and how it was detracting from people’s enjoyment. You’re right! So why did you waste an inordinate amount of time… talking about what you said didn’t need to be talked about?!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, but to characterize a 6-8 minute discussion as going “on and on” seems a bit of an exaggeration. It also seem that there’s a difference between talking about the complaints and actually complaining. The first is a meta-discussion of the nature of discourse. The second is the actual discourse.

      I know it’s clever to say “then why are you talking about it” in conversations such as these and attempted to say the two conversations are the same. But they’re not.

  3. I’m impressed you think I was trying to be “clever” but 6-8 minutes of a 40 or so minute podcast is hardly a blip. It’s up to 20 percent of it. I think the reason it felt like it was going on and on is because you’d really made your points adequately in the first 90-120 seconds and then kept repeating them. My flag was that even though I completely agreed with your points, I kept saying, “Enough already. Get on with it!” I don’t mean to come across as overly negative. I generally enjoy the podcast. That’s why I was disappointed to have to skip the second half of this one.

    1. Brian:

      Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like we just hit on a topic you didn’t like. I thought the segment was interesting, but we can’t please everybody, and your feedback will definitely help future shows.

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