Gerrard Gives Liverpool And Rooney A Welcome Boost

June 17, 2010 - Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA - epa02207645 England soccer team players Steven Gerrard (L) and Wayne Rooney talk during their team's training session at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa, 17 June 2010. England will face Algeria on June 18 in their FIFA 2010 World Cup group C soccer match in Cape Town.
Steven Gerrard gave us all a timely reminder of his quality with a stunning hat-trick to help Liverpool overcome a stubborn Napoli side. Will this performance mark the general return to form of midfielder and could he be the inspiration for another England star to return to form?

We all know the ability that Gerrard has, and there is no need to harp on about the number of times he has come to Liverpool’s rescue. However even Liverpool’s inspirational captain has struggled to produce displays resembling his usual self this season.

In many ways I think Gerrard has suffered with the same World Cup hangover that has seen Wayne Rooney desperately lacking in form during the opening stages of the Premier League campaign. Excluding the Napoli game, there hasn’t been any standout displays from the Liverpool skipper and generally there has just not been the same intensity in his performances.

Intensity is what makes Gerrard and Rooney so important to Liverpool and Manchester United respectively, and with the pair obviously short of confidence after the World Cup, it is only understandable that they looked to almost play in their comfort zone when they returned to domestic football.

But it was inevitable that Gerrard would show us that form really is temporary as his confidence grew. In many ways though you feel he struggled so much because of the general feeling of disappointment around the club during the opening weeks of the season.

In the last few weeks though things have gradually picked up for Liverpool both on and off the field, and it was only a matter of time before Gerrard joined the party.  With United also beginning to reach their top form, Rooney should also find it easier to perform at his best when he returns from injury.

Gerrard’s return to form should give Rooney confidence because it demonstrates that it can be done. As an England fan, and more importantly a football fan it is crucial that we see the both of the England stars firing on all cylinders in the not so distant future, because the Premier League is definitely a better place as a result.

6 thoughts on “Gerrard Gives Liverpool And Rooney A Welcome Boost”

  1. It pains me to think of Stevie doing anything to help Rooney…but, I suppose doing so would just show the true legendary status of Gerrard. =]


  2. Those of us who have actually been watching Liverpool this season know that there is nothing wrong with Steven Gerrard’s form. He has been the best player on Liverpool and on the England national team so far this season. His scoring for Liverpool this season hasn’t been prolific – he hasn’t scored any signature “Gerrard goals” – but he still is the team’s leading scorer, and his passing has been fantastic. I’m always amazed when I see articles citing Steven’s supposed poor form. I think that idea comes from people who don’t watch the matches and just make assumptions from Liverpool’s position in the table.

  3. Yeah, Gerrard hasn’t ben poor this season at all. He has been instructed to play much deeper for much of the season, which means he is doing more of the grunt work and less of the highlight reel stuff.

  4. “Excluding the Napoli game, there hasn’t been any standout displays from the Liverpool skipper and generally there has just not been the same intensity in his performances.”

    Ha. I guess you don’t remember the brace our skipper scored against Man United?

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