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The Best Of Gareth Bale Versus Inter Milan On Video

Tuesday night’s performance by Gareth Bale against Inter Milan was one of the most remarkable performances seen on English soil in quite some time.

Bale, the Welsh left winger, completely owned Maicon and beat the Brazilian on so many runs. Thankfully someone has captured all of Bale’s wonderful runs and touches from Tuesday night in the above video. This is definitely one of those videos that Maicon and fellow Brazilians may want to not watch. A horror show, of sorts. But for those people who love the beautiful game or want to see how amazing Gareth Bale was, click play and be amazed.

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16 Responses to The Best Of Gareth Bale Versus Inter Milan On Video

  1. Adam says:

    He’s no Justin Edinburgh or Dean Austin though.

  2. all that, and it still missed the double 360 skill in the first half.

  3. Brian says:

    He has good pace, but what really makes him fast is the size of his strides for a man so big…he looks that much pacier because he is jsut gobbling up more ground than anyone with each stride he takes.

  4. MennoDaddy says:


    It’s so… beautiful!

    *wipes eyes*

  5. al granville says:

    I’ve been a Spurs supporter now for sixty years so obviously l i’ve seen many great
    players but young Gareth simply leaves me without adequate words except priceless,absolutely priceless


    if only we could him the skill of Jason Dozell, the shooting skills of Stefan Fruend and the speed of Corluka….then he’d be world class

  7. Dave C says:

    Bizarre video…I’m not denying that Bale is good, and this video certainly shows some of that (i.e. the two assists, and a couple of other dangerous moments), but it also shows a LOT of very mundane stuff that really don’t need to be on a highlight clip.

    Still, kudos to the guy, too bad he’s not English.

  8. mark says:

    he showed every one that football doesent play with names but on the pitch.the hole team showed that they could beat any team if they dont fear,they just told the world that nothing is impossible.

  9. Rich says:

    That video = 20% really, really good play & 80% complete unworthy of a highlight package football.

  10. Jason O. says:

    Excuse me for interrupting this Bale festival, but didn’t United’s containment of Bale really expose what is in reality a poor Inter back line?

  11. ish says:

    excellent pace, plays more like a wingback then a winger, his crossing range is top notch though. one of em he was over the line when racing maicon and i would say he beat maicon as much as maicon played a deep line and bale could beat him on the counter.

    Benitez f**ed up, should have played a deeper line and used a defensive winger.
    In terms of actual ability i would rate bale as very very good, he knows how to use his pace and his ball control is top notch. However he isnt an amazing winger just yet. will be in another year though, as soon as he gets to coming inside more and improves his right foot. By then spurs will have every club clamoring for his signature and he will go if they dont get a CL spot.
    Modric is a beast too, him and bale are the 2 biggest players at spurs the rest of em are better then average but not at the same level as those 2, bale and modric could get into any team in the world.

  12. Danny says:

    Gareth Bale and Fabio Coentrao are seriously the two best Left Wing Backs in all of Europe right now.

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