Who Should Tottenham Buy In The January Transfer Window?


Tottenham’s chances of qualifying for the knockout round of the Champions League increased significantly Tuesday night after an emphatic win against the current European champions, Internazionale Milan. Buoyed by Gareth Bale’s man-of-the-match display, Tottenham Hotspur now sits in the enviable position at the top of their group and has one toe in the next round. Having already played Inter twice, Spurs now has matches against Werder Bremen and FC Twente to complete the group stage.

Knowing Tottenham, nothing is ever guaranteed so Spurs supporters may be nervous in their next match against Bremen on November 24. A win should be enough to seal entry into the next round. But depending on that result, they may need the final match of the group on December 12 against Twente to catapult into the knockout round.

If Tottenham do make it into the knockout round of the UEFA Champions League, the club will be positioned to spend big in the January transfer window when they compete in the round of 16 in February and March. Tottenham already has an incredible amount of talent, but the club could benefit from one or two additional signings that would make the difference between a round of 16 team and one that could make it into the quarter-finals where they would be positioned against some of the best teams in the world.

But if you were Harry Redknapp, what positions do Tottenham need adequate cover for in the January transfer window? And in these positions, who would you consider buying? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

22 thoughts on “Who Should Tottenham Buy In The January Transfer Window?”

  1. Spurs need one world class striker. Defoe and Pav are OK. Crouch has his uses as a target/knock-down man (but is horrible when it comes to power or accuracy) and Keane is just, well finished really (no pace, no confidence).

    Midfield is absolutely fine. Seriously, players like Sandro and Kranjcar and Bently just aren’t going to get a run and would walk into many PL sides.

    If King is fit, then anyone with King makes a solid central defence. CHoose from Bassong, Kaboul, Gallas. Dawson will be back shortly too and then there’s the new signing from SA coming. So no issues here really. Gallas looked excellent last night now he has match fitness.

    LB/RB – Hutton has stepped up at RB, but defensively, a possible weakness. Decent going forward.
    on the left, BAE is still improving and is excellent and obviously BAle can play here too.
    We also have Naughton and Walker out on loan.

    So maybe just the one striker. Probably sell Corluka too and get a replacement with pace or get one of the Kyles back.

  2. Lets start by making a statement and extending the contracts of Bale (I know he has just signed one but lets add a few more years), Modric, Lennon.
    we don’t need another centre back, Daws will be back soon and Kaboul is better than he gets credit for and will be a star of the future. Right back is covered, saw Kyle Walker play the other week and he really is a prospect!! as is Caulker
    the here and now needs a prolific striker, rather than buy squad players lets splash the lot on a class man up front

    well done last night boys COYS

  3. the too obvious is the striker. watchin eto last night just made me wonder what we would be like with him up front us. i would ditch keane and pav coz regardless of pav’s goals harry dont rate him. as with gio. so lets just get shut and move on. but i seriously seriously wish we’d buy a right back. hutton is absolute garbage. how many times does he give the ball away or just cant control. he’s a championship player. last night i’d of given him a 4 or 5 out of 10. and exactly the same against man u. terrible. he’s not a footballer. kaboul has a great future. him and dawson could be the future. still think bassong looks dodgey.

    buy suarez,forlan,van de wiel and sod it eljero elia

    1. RB is a concern, but not a huge one. Hutton isn’t long-term answer. That’s clear after watching him get led out of position at the San Siro which led to Inter’s first goal. But he’s stepped it up in a big way after Corluka’s poor run of form lately. He’s clearly the best option right now. He’s not a world-beater, but he’s usually not going to hurt Spurs.

      I agree with the general sentiment here,though — Spurs need a world-class striker, and someone who can play alone up top. Defoe, Pav and Crouch are all better when Harry plays two up top as neither are suited to being a lone striker. Someone like, I dunno, Karim Benzema, or Bryan Ruiz, with Van der Vaart marauding around as the #10.

      Defoe, Crouchy, and Pav are fine options in a 4-4-2, which Spurs might opt to play in league matches. In Europe, clearly Spurs are best suited in a 4-4-1-1, and a lone, excellent striker would fit the bill perfectly.

  4. The one, glaring need is a top-class striker. They need to bring in Suarez, Fabiano, Forlan, or someone who can create space and put the ball into the back of the net with regularity. Defoe will be back in time but it is difficult to imagine him as a lone striker. Crouch is good enough at knocking the ball down for VdV/Defoe, but he cannot find the net often enough to be used as a lone striker.

    Pavlyuchenko, I hate to say it, is not quite cut out for a side like Spurs. He does well enough as a substitute but should never, ever start for a team of this calibre as a lone striker. He gives the ball away far too often and wastes far too many chances on goal. Keane, one of my favorites of all-time, is past his prime and he needs to realize it. He should head back to Celtic full-time and have a prolific finish to his career – he was excellent for them on loan.

    The central defense will be fine once Dawson recovers. King is always iffy on form but with Kaboul, Bassong, and now Khumalo there for cover, they are all set. A right back could be useful if Corluka continues to struggle and Hutton is our only option. I never thought I’d say this but BAE is finally coming into his own on the left side by cutting out the stupidity from his game. Lastly, the midfield is absolutely loaded and should not be touched. The 5-man set-up of Bale-Modric-VdV-Huddlestone-Lennon is one of the best in the English game and they have loads of depth with Palacios, Sandro, Bentley, Dos Santos, O’Hara, and Jenas all on the bench or in reserves.

    So c’mon Spurs, go get a striker.

    1. Benzema! I know he’s supposedly not for sale this year, but Tottenham will hopefully have some extra Champions League money to help entice Madrid.

  5. I’d love to see Benzama… is he a bit of a pain? Sure… but he can stand alone up top and he’s world class… all he wants to do is play, and time is hard to come by at RM… he’d be first choice for any match Spurs play…

    Maybe bring back one of the Kyle’s at RB… but pretty much find a WORLD CLASS striker, and I think Spurs can do some damage. I am loving the midfield…

  6. spurs should buy bale a pair of underwear so we don’t have to see his package everytime they show a slow-mo replay. yuck.

  7. Somewhat new to following football as closely as I am, but following the Benzama logic, is there anyone on Milan, like Robinho, who is looking for more playing time on a squad that’s loaded with forwards?

    1. I don’t see Milan selling Pato, Ibra is there on loan so they couldn’t sell him if they wanted to, Robinho is supposedly happy and wouldn’t want to go back to England anyway, and Ronaldinho and Inzaghi are well passed their prime.

    1. Rossi, eh? Wouldn’t that be a double-edged sword for American Spurs supporters? On the one hand, one of the most hated players among USA fans goes to their club. On the other hand, it means Jozy Altidore might just get more playing time for Villarreal. Hrmmm.

      That said, Villarreal is doing really well in La Liga right now, and if they’ve got a shot at next year’s Champions League, I doubt they’ll let Rossi go.

      1. Rossi. Ugh. As an American Spurs supporter, I suppose that would mean I’d have to like him? That’s… unpalatable.

        I’d rather have Benzema. Or Luis Fabiano.

  8. A forward who can hold up play in the 4-5-1 has been seen as the most pressing need. That’s probably right. One would have been tempted to say a central defender as well, with perhaps a right or left back if there is extra to spend. All of which guarantees that redknapp will sign…
    another couple of midfielders.

  9. For sure a World Class Striker is the way to go. I think someone tall but also someone with some pace that way we could still someone to bring down crosses, and finishes better than crouch; and with pace he’d be able to get up as fast as bale, or lennon when they beat their defenders.
    I think Milito would be good, not really wanted but is World Class.
    the list goes on and on Suarez, fabiano, Forlan. At the same time there are gonna be loads of those players that are gonna want to be in this team. We beat the champions league champions 3-1, and had there been more time in the other game would have given atleast drawn. So they could go deep into the champions league if not win it.
    Sorry but BAE needs to go, too many stupid mistakes and get off really lucky. I still remember the clearance he tried against Werder Bremen that i think cost us that game.
    When dawson get fit again he is gonna solidify our central D. And Defoe is gonna go goal crazy when he gets back.
    And Sandro seems like a diamond in the ruff.
    Holy shit I just wrote a novel

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