Which Is The Most Exciting Soccer Team In England Right Now?

Wayne Rooney, Howard Webb

It’s an exciting time in English soccer right now. All four English clubs in the Champions League sit at top of their respective groups. And in the Premier League there is plenty to drool over as each week there seems to be another amazing goal or incredible incident.

But out of all of the selection of entertaining teams listed below, which for you is the most entertaining in England right now? Vote and share your opinions in the comments section below.

32 thoughts on “Which Is The Most Exciting Soccer Team In England Right Now?”

      1. No matter what, you’ll be accused of supporting someone you don’t. . . I have myself so I should know 😉 😀

  1. Chelsea fan but Id have to say Blackpool. Never give up good football from a new side is just an exciting thing to watch

  2. I’m a Manchester United fan but Tottenham is easily the most exciting team to watch in the Premiership this season. I can’t get enough of watching Bale, Van Der Vaart, Modric, and co. run wild.

    1. In total agreement with you, Jeff. As a Hammers fan it hurts me to say that, too. Van der Vaart/Bale have been two very excellent attacking options for Spurs this year – I still believe Van der Vaart was a coup for Tottenham. I believe he’s fairly adaptable to many systems but he’s fit in unbelievably well in Tottenham’s and in the Prem in general.

  3. I’m enraged….

    You use an olde tyme pic of West Ham fans… and then I can’t vote for West Ham as the Most exciting team in the PL!!!!!

    My rage holds no bounds, visions of Sir Trevs header spew from my head innit.

  4. Only problem with this poll is it comes straight after Bale’s wonderful 2 games against Inter. Had this poll gone up on Saturday night I suspect Spurs wouldnt be so fresh in everyone’s minds having lost 2-0 that day and only taking 1 pt from 6 in the league. They only took 3 from 6 in Europe.

    Blackpool deserve this honour based on the season so far.

  5. Spurs are certainly the most exciting to watch, but most exciting doesn’t necessarily equate to best. As a Spurs fan, I know they can play wonderful football, but they have a tendency to let in goals from out of nowhere, which makes me sit on the edge of my seat for 90 minutes. Watching a Spurs match is truly a roller coaster ride.

  6. I’ll stamp my feet like the top four fans do when their teams aren’t mentioned and ask where are Stoke on this list? Tongue in cheek I’m sure you’ll realise.

    I can’t say that any team other than the one I follow ‘excites’ me, I can appreciate how well other teams and players perform but it wouldn’t excite me. It’s the wrong adjective for me.

    This is a good link to a story about FC United reaching the First Round proper of the FA Cup – http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/fa_cup/9147092.stm – I’m sure their fans will tell you that they play the most exciting football. For those that cannot be bothered to read the whole thing the following quote explains why this is:

    “Obviously, as a United fan, I had the mindset of expecting success most of the time. Winning sort of became the be-all-and-end-all and I used to wonder how and why supporters of lowly teams carried on. But I sort of understand that now.

    It’s not really about winning at all. Yes, FC have won promotion three times and are now one level down from the Blue Square North – but the main thing about this club is its sense of community – the rapport among the supporters and making a contribution to the local area.”

    Whoever your club is and whatever level they’re at they will always be the most exciting team to you, if not everybody else.

  7. I’d have to say Wolves atm. Watched them in the Carling cup with a terrific 2nd half of end to end stuff, then at home to City to come from behind to clinch a superb victory in front of a roaring home crowd.

    Good, young squad who seem to be getting better and better with each game. Jarvis has been simply outstanding, notably against England internationals in the last two games (Neville, Brown and Richards).

    1. I have to say, I voted for the Wolves as a joke. We are five times as exciting as we were last year, and we are still a bore to watch at times.

  8. Have always enjoyed watching Spurs and latterly the Gunners. This season it’s one of the newbies who have promoted the most exciting football. Never a dull moment when we’re on the pitch – up the Mighty Seasiders!

  9. As a Bolton fan and as much as this hurts me to say this I have to say Blackpool by a mile. I was hoping they’d get hammered every game but I really do think they are going to give someone a good thrashing sooner rather than later. One day all the chances they create will go in.
    I also have Charlie Adam(s) in my fantasy league team .

  10. I’ve seen blackpool a few times this season-WOW-defensively leave a lot to be desired but when they go forward and their pass and move style of play-wonderfully entertaining -they’ve scored about 20 prem goals so far but I can honestly say that total should be at least 15 more-when you take into account wrongly disallowed goals and relitively simple chances missed through lack of composure

    1. I am a Manchester City supporter for many years, but having watched Blackpool at Bloomfield road I can honestly say they were the better side. If not for poor officials that day then they would and should have won.

      I have voted for Blackpool because I believe there attacking style of play lights up the Premiership. I for one don’t think they will go down

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