Who Are The Top Players in the Premier League?

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United

I read yesterday that Nani has declared, “Now I can say I am one of the top players in the world.” After picking myself up off the floor I thought, “You idiot. You’re not even one of the top players in the Prem, let alone el mundo.” That of course, begs the question, “Who are the top players in the Premier League?”

Give me your top 5-10 on form players in the EPL right now. Who is being dominant? Who is really lighting things up and sparking his team?

And if anyone says, “Nani”, well, it could get ugly.

39 thoughts on “Who Are The Top Players in the Premier League?”

  1. GK: Hart
    CB: Vidic
    CB: Vermaelen
    LB: Bale (best player this year)
    RM: Van der Vaart
    CM: Cahill
    CM: Gerrard
    LM: A. Johnson
    ST: Drogba/Anelka
    ST: Berbatov

    As a united fan, I am loving the development of Rafael, but he is not a top class RB…yet

    1. I would have to agree with Lars, except with his choice of Gerrard. I think Eissen is underrated and has been key the Chelsea being at the top of the table.

    2. Vermaelen hasn’t played in over a month, Adam Johnson can’t get into the starting 11 (Although this is probably his Manager’s fault), and Gerrard really is “sparking his team” in’t he!

    3. Vermaelen hasn’t really even played this season, so it’s kind of a far fetch to say that he’s one of the top players, at least not for this season. Otherwise I mostly agree with your list. Who knows where Liverpool would be without him.

      1. I am somewhat surprised not to see Kompany’s name show up on more lists. The times I have watched City play he has seemed like a real horse out there.

  2. -Cech – yet to concede a goal at home this season and only three on the year.
    -Malouda – leading goal scorer in the league despite having two world class strikers playing up front.
    -Bale – no explanation needed.
    -Kevin Nolan – Newcastle is in the top 10, ’nuff said.
    -Van der Vaart – provided an instant spark for Tottenham from day one.

  3. Are we talking about genuinely the BEST players? Or just current form?

    Because there is a big difference.

    Even as a partisan Wolves fan, I couldn’t suggest Matt Jarvis is quite one of the best players in the league, but in terms of form, there is no-one on a hotter streak right now.

    1. Agreed. I don’t watch Wolves much but he ran United ragged in the CC and then played well against the other half of Manchester over the weekend. I was very impressed.

    2. On form!

      I think it’s a more interesting discussion. We all know (or think we do) who the “best” players are, but that doesn’t always translate into who is really bossing the game and right now, as you say, there is a big difference.

  4. on current form i will have to go with these 10


    and ill put Fat Boy Rooney at the bottom of the list!!!!!

  5. Best 5 players considering Form, overall ability and future.
    1. Cesc – No question, best MF currently playing in England.
    2. essien – I hate Chelsea but this guy is unbelieveable.
    3. Vidic – Absolute beast
    4. Tevez – Another guy i cant stand but cant deny his ability, when he left the Arsenal – City match citys attack disappeared.
    5. Van Der Vaart – Always had exceptional creativity now is scoring at an amazing rate.

  6. GK: Cech
    RB: Ivanovic
    CB: Vidic
    CB: Alex
    LB: Ashley Cole
    RM: Van der Vaart
    CM: Essien
    CM: Gerrard
    LM: A. Johnson / Malouda
    ST: Drogba/Anelka
    ST: Berbatov / Chicharito

    Too much of Chelsea?! – what to do… did you see their GD, GF & GA!
    for now this is it….!

  7. On form this season:
    1. Malouda
    2. Van der Vart
    3. Tevez
    4. Ashley Cole
    5. Drogba
    6. Nani
    7. Bale
    8. Chris Brunt
    9. Charlie Adam
    10. Joey Barton
    10a. Samba

    Second ten would be pretty good too.

  8. Malouda, Drogba, Bale, Ashley Cole, Ivanovic,Nani, Van der Vaart, Tevez

    GK: Cech
    D: Ashley Cole – Ivanovic – Bale
    MF: Malouda – Van der Vaart – Nolan – Parker
    F: Tevez – Drogba – Berbatov

  9. I didn’t want to distract anyone with the insightful brilliance of my own list, so I won’t.

    I will say if van der Vaart isn’t on your list you haven’t seen enough of Spurs with and without him on the pitch. As for Gerrard—-I like Stevie, but he’s “on form” right now then Liverpool are in a world of hurt.

  10. Gosh, based on form and besides the fact that I’m a Chelsea Fan…and in no order…

    1) Florent Malouda
    2) Kevin Nolan
    3) Charlie Adam
    4) John Terry
    5) Ashley Cole
    6) Stuart Holden
    7) Rafael van der Vaart
    8) Michael Essien
    9) Gareth Bale
    10) Samir Nasri

  11. N0w listen here, nani isnt the best in the world bt he definitely in the top 10 in the epl so far this seas0n, he got m0st assists, carryin manu al0ne in sum games, heres my top 10,
    4.van der vaart
    6.gareth bale
    9.javier hernandez
    10.tim cahill

    1. Actually, I agree with you about Nani as far as his role with Man Utd. He has finally come into form for them, but for this nit wit to declare himself one of the world’s best was just too much for me.

      Nice list, although my monitor is having trouble and I can’t seem to read your #5 player’s name. Oh, well.

  12. Great article!!!!! Really has produced some good comments. Most of the big names have been mentioned. I’ll offer up a bit of a one-off, I think Scott Parker is playing real well. The Hammers are terrible but that guy brings it every match.

    Fabregas is getting too much credit on this list. He just hasn’t been on the field enough yet.

  13. Thanks for the commentary, guys. Some interesting (and good) “off” picks, but overall a lot of agreement….as there should be from astute fans of the game. :-)

    Probably too much agreement for EPLTalk. The Gaffer will have to put a stop to this nonsense! Nobody even called anyone anything his mama wouldn’t be proud of. Well, I did call Nani an idiot, but that doesn’t count. As Rafa might say, “If it dives like a duck………”

  14. In no particular order:
    Van der Vaart

    I would also put Nani, Nasri, Nolan, Elmander, Alex, Carroll, Bent, Walcott, Ivanovic and Hart in there too but my list is way too long as it is.

  15. I’m surprised the original author thought it so far-fetched that Nani could be thought of as one of the best in the EPL (I agree maybe one of the best in the world is a stretch at this point).

    Nani’s one of the key men in one of the top two teams in the league. I think that means he could be considered one of the best in the league.

    As for all the people listing Gerrard amongst the top picks, they must be smoking something.

    1. He could be considered. I just wouldn’t rate him there myself. See my response to J9. The “best in the world” thing just set me off, so I thought I’d make something of it. :-)

  16. I’m reluctant to leave out Chicharito, but because he’s very fresh in the Premier League I’m skeptical that his success could be lasting. If it weren’t for the form of Berbatov I would have probably included him as one of the best forwards. However, Chicharito certainly is in form and has a great nose for goal – part of being a good striker is putting yourself in good, scoring positions. As a US fan it’s not a welcoming thing to see.

  17. …err, Jarvis, anyone? Are you smoking something? Or is it just that he doesn’t play for a fashionable team? Bar the tackle on Gomez, Henry has also been excellent.

    Some of these choices above are ridiculous! Gerrard?! Kompany?!

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