Reviewing The News: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast


While Major League Soccer’s playoffs have demanded most of our attention, the news continues rolling in. On this edition of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast, I am joined by guest host Jeremiah Oshan (, to focus on the non-playoff stories surrounding the league: awards nominees, television ratings, New York number two becoming MLS number 20, single table, and the declining state of the country’s other first division league.

Tomorrow, we preview the second legs of the conference semifinals.

5 thoughts on “Reviewing The News: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast”

  1. Regarding TV ratings …

    ESPN – 100M households
    FSC – 34M households
    Versus – 75M households

    With current ratings, it’s hard to see how the league can negotiate from a position of strength. The revenues are miniscule, roughly $20M domestic and $10M global, excluding local TV deals and I find it difficult to see a significant increase upon renewal.

    This story is very much under-reported(IMO). It’s where the ‘real’ money is. Once the league’s expansion comes to an end, they won’t be able to rely in infusions of new franchise cash. I wrote about it several times last season and based on the comments, there isn’t much interest in following this aspect of MLS growth.

  2. What were the vote tallies? Jeremiah, you’re not easily shocked. I smell an attempt to raise the profile of last minute World Cup pick Edson Buddle. If only MLS was transparent enough…

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