CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinals Set, MLS Sides To Face Each Other

After going through two weeks of the Qualifying Round and six weeks of the group stage around a period of four months, CONCACAF has finally made their draw for the knockout stages of the Champions League. All four sides from Mexico along with two MLS sides and a club from Costa Rica and Honduras all waited with baited breath to find out who will be playing who.

After waiting all day on Monday to find out what the secret draw would uncover for these eight sides, there has finally been confirmation on the official website of CONCACAF. All I can say is that we got ourselves a hell of a bracket and I can’t stop laughing. On the left side we have all four sides from Mexico facing each other, while on the other side we have both MLS sides facing each other while the two Central American sides will face each other.

Let’s re-Cap how this situation happened. In Group A both Real Salt Lake and Cruz Azul were going to the knockout stage, but in their second group match these two sides faced each other at Rio Tinto Stadium and it was RSL who won the group. In Group B Santos Laguna won the group and eliminated Municipal before the Crew got a chance to play. Monterrey won Group C while Deportivo Saprissa of Costa Rica got the second position; finally Olimpia of Honduras won Group D which put Toluca in second.

So the Quarterfinal match ups are set and I believe it will be a fun time when February of next year comes around. Group C winner Monterrey faces Group D second place Toluca, while Group B winner Santos Laguna faces Group A second place Cruz Azul. On the other side of the bracket Group A winner Real Salt Lake faces Group B second place Columbus Crew, while Group D winner Olimpia faces Group C second place Deportivo Saprissa.

Of course all matches in the knockout stages are goal aggregate with the away goals rule, with the exception of extra time unless a match does go that far after regulation in the second leg. For the last two Champions League tournaments the final has always been two sides from Mexico, but now it looks like there will be one from Mexico and the other from somewhere else in the confederation.

2010-11 CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinal Schedule

First Leg: February 22-24
Toluca hosts Monterrey
Cruz Azul hosts Santos Laguna
Columbus Crew hosts Real Salt Lake
Deportivo Saprissa hosts Olimpia

Second Leg: March 1-3
Monterrey hosts Toluca
Santos Laguna hosts Cruz Azul
Real Salt Lake hosts Columbus Crew
Olimpia hosts Deportivo Saprissa

2010-11 Champions League Semi-Finals & Final dates

First Leg: March 15-17
RSL/Crew Winner Hosts Olimpia/Saprissa Winner
Monterrey/Toluca Winner Hosts Santos Laguna/Cruz Azul Winner

Second Leg: April 5-7
Olimpia/Saprissa Winner Hosts RSL/Crew Winner
Santos Laguna/Cruz Azul Winner Hosts Monterrey/Toluca Winner

Final First Leg: April 19-21
Final Second Leg: April 26-28

4 thoughts on “CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinals Set, MLS Sides To Face Each Other”

  1. man, just when MLS clubs start performing well and actually start putting in effort it always gets cut down. to be honest my expectations for MLS clubs in CCL are pretty low but the way columbus and real are playing got my hopes up a bit. but one clubs is going to get cut down and Olimpia and Saprissa are both strong clubs that will give crew/real a very hard run. well hopefully next year garber will lift up some roster, salary cap restrictions to help clubs get alittle edge and perform better. remember MLS clubs run on a parity cap, the rest dont have that parity cap. i hope garber aleast have thought about that. otherwise an MLS club will never win. i think another factor in mls clubs dwindling in CCL is the refs. they have been horrible to MLS clubs. i know im speaking as if its all over for MLS clubs but really the chances of a MLS champ out of this are very little.

  2. It’s a shame one of them has to lose, but look on the bright side, this guarantees an MLS club a spot in the semi-finals. No American team has ever gone that deep in the Champions League before (at least in its current format). Pretty awesome if you ask me.

  3. Good point coconutmonkey, at first i was pissed that an MLS club had to be kicked out but i am happy that the mexicans have to do the same. I have a feeling it will be RSL in the final. They won’t probably make this MLS Final so they will definitely put full steam ahead against Crew.

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