Take Me Out to the Playoffs – Week 1

The MLS cup is up for grabs

The playoff numbers look like this…

5 year comparison
Conference Semifinals – 1st Leg
Avg +/- Home Teams
2006 9,533 NA Chicago NY Colorado Chivas USA
2007 14,245 49.42% Chicago NY Dallas Kansas City
2008 10,476 -26.46% New England NY Salt Lake Kansas City
2009 19,985 90.77% New England Seattle Salt Lake Chivas USA
2010 17,230 -13.78% Colorado Seattle San Jose Dallas


No big surprise that Seattle packed in over 35,000 for their playoff match. But Colorado and Dallas drew under 12,000 at their home playoff legs. San Jose sold out Buck Shaw.

Colorado and Dallas

The Rapids have played 12 home playoff matches. Average attendance: 9,968. Games with under 10,000 in attendance: 7.

Dallas has played 13 home playoff matches. Average attendance: 10,413. Games with under 10,000 in attendance: 6.

Playoff Games – 1st Leg
Colorado 1 Undercurrent 11,872
Columbus 0 Columbus Dispatch – Crew XTra
FC Dallas 2 3rd Degree – Buzz Carrick 11,005
Real Salt Lake 1 RSL – Behind the Shield
San Jose 0 San Jose Center Line Soccer 10,525
RBNY 1 Red Bulls Reader
Seattle 0 Seattle Times 35,521
Los Angeles 1 LA – Official Blog

MLS Throw Ins

  • The 8 teams allowing the fewest goals are in the playoffs.
  • New England allowed the most goals this season(50), the same as San Jose’s top number in ’09.
  • Toronto took the fewest shots. Kansas City took the most.
  • RBNY and Houston were offsides the most.
  • RBNY committed the most fouls.
  • Seattle suffered the most fouls.
  • 24.2% of the games ended in a draw compared to 30.7% in 2009.
  • RBNY rookie Tim Ream and Colorado’s Drew Moor played every minute of every game(2,700). David Ferreira played 2,699 minutes.
  • Columbus scored the most goals in the final 15 mintues(15). The fewest(5) scored was by DC United, Houston and the Revs.
  • DC United allowed the most goals in the final 15 mintues(17). Los Angeles allowed the fewest(4).

For a lot more stats, visit MLSSoccer’s stat page.

And …

The US Women are competing in the CONCACAF Women’s World Cup Qualifying Tourney.

10 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Playoffs – Week 1”

  1. What is wrong with Colorado and Dallas fans?!? I’m an RSL fan, am fortunate to have such a good team right now, and enjoy our success because it is so temporary. One thing about MLS is success never lasts. The salary restrictions are to tight to allow any one team to build a long standing dynasty. DC united anyone? How about the the Houston Earthquakes… i mean the San Jose Dynamo… well you know what I mean. NE, Columbus, LA, no one stays at the top for long. Seems like two seasons is about it.

    So why aren’t they enjoying their teams success? I don’t get it? Can someone shed some light please?

  2. I know the excuse for Colorado and Dallas; stadiums built outside of the city, Commerce City and Frisco…so what?
    If you are a fan, you will be there, game in and game out, especially during playoffs…I’m sorry, but the stadium location is a lame excuse.
    The answer is simple: not enough people in Dallas and Denver areas care about soccer…It’s a shame as Dallas do have a very solid team this year (I don’t care much about the Rapids).

  3. It is the problem with MLS in general. They have succesfully attracted 1/2 of the soccer fans in the US. There is no future in that.

    Why ? Because they don’t want the league to look like it does right now.
    They want pro/rel but won’t support a league that isn’t as good as the best leagues 8 hour plane rides away…..and of course didn’t even come close to attending USL games.
    They want something that doesn’t work economically. They want Landon to play elsewhere ?

    Playoffs, they don’t do it that way in the EPL…they am out.
    When are they going to have pro/rel ?
    Single standings ? ( I mean table, can’t say standings, right ? )

    MLS needs to focus on the average sports fan, they watch the World Cup, they like soccer, they either played, coached or watch their kids play, they understand the game enough to buy season tickets.
    It happened it Seattle, it will happen in Vancouver. The rest of the continent….we will see.

  4. After watching the weekends first few games I have to say its sad to see Dallas and Colorado have such a poor showing in the Stands. We need to reduce the number of entrants into MLS Cup to 4 or even 6. The league is too small to have 50% of the field qualify. MLS Cup needs to be an elite competition for the league and having jobbers like San Jose and Colorado in the competition just makes it less attractive.

    1. I am not for 1/2 of the league making it, and would be against it expanding as the league goes to 19 teams and beyond.

      4 is a little small, for me Sounders wouldn’t have made it, nor would Columbus.

      Both teams I want to see in post season, and not just because I am a Sounder’s fan. Maybe 6 is the number ? winners of the conferences get a bye ( or top two teams ) then 4 team first round.

      1. Sounders showing yesterday, at home mind-you, proves that MLS needs to restrict it to four teams only. Home field, on fake grass…they should of been running circles around LA.

  5. Colorado and Dallas make me a little sick in the stomach. I feel bad for the players and for some of the fans (I know there are a lot of supporters who really care). I blame the owners and MLS for not pushing the owners to do more to fill the stands, especially in the playoffs. Pretty despicable. Average attendance on the return leg should improve by a couple thousand, but its so hard to predict playoff numbers.

    Anyway, what a great match between Sounders and Galaxy. Ricketts was a beast and Buddle’s goal was a thing of beauty. I think Seattle may have choked a bit under the pressure at home. It looked like they pushed the ball too much and wasted a lot of chances, i.e. Nyassi v. Lewis. Should be a great second leg.

  6. While the attendance for Colorado and Dallas wasn’t great, they were both up over their historical playoff averages which suggests that the core fan base has grown. Colorado had basically four days to really sell tickets for a weeknight match. Dallas was unfortunately going head-to-head with the hometown team’s first-ever World Series home game.

  7. Stadium location has A LOT to do with attendance. Anyone who says that it doesn’t is not being realistic. Stadiums in urban cores are more attractive to attend than suburban stadiums. Soccer moms and kids are too fickle to form the fan base of the MLS as it currently stands. That being said, these kids will form the backbone of future fans. Maybe in 20 years, you’ll see the suburban stadiums change hands and sports and fans of MLS teams in Columbus, Colorado, Dallas, and New England will have downtown stadiums within walking distance of their work/apartment/train station.

  8. P.S. How pathetic is it to see faded GRIDIRON lines and stages at these stadiums. MLS made deals with the Devil to get these built. “Multi-Purpose” is an understatement. Anyone who calls these stadiums “Soccer Specific” is touching himself.

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