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Bastian Schweinsteiger To The Premier League?

 Bastian Schweinsteiger To The Premier League?
In an announcement that is sure to thrill managers of several Premier League clubs, Bayern Munich midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger has revealed his ambitions of playing in the Premier League.  The German midfielder has a contract with the Bavarian club until the summer of 2012, but claims he would be interested in a switch to England.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Schweinsteiger spoke of his admiration for several Premier League clubs and even gave English fans a glowing reference. He said: “For me, in England the fans are better. When the team give their best, they are not booing. It’s more like they are fans more with the heart.

“I love the atmosphere in English stadiums. When we played last year in Manchester it was fantastic. My brother is a big fan of Man U and he always says, ‘Go to Man U, go to Man U.’ I say, ‘I can’t, I can’t. But I don’t know what will happen with me, I have a contract to 2012 and we’ll see.”

Signing Schweinsteiger would certainly be an incredible coup for any English side. He starred for Germany during the World Cup and was at the heart of their comprehensive Quarter Final victory over a beleaguered England side.

His calm presence in midfield would surely fit in perfectly with the fast pace of the Premier League and while he claims he “can’t” go to Manchester United, if a move was available I’m sure Sir Alex Ferguson would love to bring him to Old Trafford.

The resemblance with Paul Scholes is clear. Two players who love to have the ball and can be deadly when given time and space. Schweinsteiger would certainly be an excellent replacement for Scholes when he finally decides to retire.

Personally I see a move to United as the most likely destination for the midfielder. While Manchester City could obviously attract him with massive wages, United always have the pulling power of success.

Wayne Rooney’s contract extension indicated a big name signing could be round the corner for United, and they don’t get much bigger then Schweinsteiger. Given that he does not have a long term deal either, he wouldn’t come with a massive price tag. So in theory the deal is very feasible.

What do you think? Could Schweinsteiger arrive at Old Trafford? If not could you see the German star elsewhere in the Premier League?

16 Responses to Bastian Schweinsteiger To The Premier League?

  1. Nick says:

    No mention of Chelsea? They’ve already been linked with interest in him, hes quoted as saying he loves the style of football they play, and Roman would most certainly be willing to spend the cash as he would be the perfect replacement for when Lampard hangs up his boots.

  2. Up the Chels! says:

    Chelsea is more likely than Man United. Schweinsteiger has repeatedly stated his admiration for Chelsea’s style. This quote was the first I’ve heard from him about United.

  3. I remember seeing Bastian rip Wales apart at the Milenium Stadium, he was simply un-playable that day, woudl be a great signing for any team and a possible Scholes replacement for United

  4. robina says:

    Granted I’m a Chelsea supporter and big fan of The Schwein, and thus would LOVELOVELOVE him at Chelsea, but still.. why does each noted player coming to the EPL have to go to Man U, Chels, Man City, or even Arsenal? Those names are always the first mentioned. Yes, they have the money, and they’re top clubs. But a lot can change by 2012… just a few years ago, Man City wouldn’t even have been in the game til they were bought by that endless money pot, lol. (Exaggeration, I know.)

    • Why? says:

      ‘just a few years ago, Man City wouldn’t even have been in the game til they were bought by that endless money pot’

      Pretty much the same as Chelsea then. LOL

      • robina says:

        Oh, definitely – I mean, kudos to them for being willing to spend that kind of cash, too. But that’s not my point. :)

        • Jeff says:

          I think you are contradicting your own point by using City as an example. City were never mentioned for high profile players until they got new owners with money. So why would a high profile player RIGHT NOW be linked to a team like Sunderland, Everton, New Castle, etc. if those teams don’t have the money to afford him RIGHT NOW? Yes if his contract runs out in 2012 and those teams have the money to afford him they will be linked.

          Although with that said, high profile players will still tend to pick the BIG clubs over clubs that are up and coming. Ala Man City the first couple of years after they came in to money.

          • robina says:

            I don’t think I contradicted my point at all. My point was why don’t we also consider those other possibilities, other teams someone like Bastian might fit into, other than just big names with big money today? Sure, perhaps Bolton isn’t likely, but given they had the money as well.. would he fit there? (Encouraging speculation beyond the money grade, cause its fun, why not?)

  5. Andrew says:

    Im pretty sure England lost in the Round of 16, just saying, proof read your articles next time please

  6. Daniel says:

    Wow. Is this a biased article or what? Bastian also said that he likes Chelsea’s playing style, why is that not mentioned?

  7. Jeff says:

    Would love to see Schweinsteiger at United. He would be perfect replacement for Scholes. But I’m not getting my hopes up.

  8. Vinu says:

    LOL I am sure the writer is an United supporter. Self Obsessed with how United can get Bastian. Wake up!!! Chelsea (and City) can blow United out of the water for any player if they want to, so you would do well to atleast mention them in the article.

    As for Bastian, here is something else he said in this interview…
    “”I watch the English games on TV and I like the Chelsea style at the moment. They’re very strong.”

    You are welcome James.

  9. toddmintz says:

    As a United Fan for the middle of the park, it would be awesome to see this guy in the Red colors of Manchester United. His presence and work rate would be appreciated and very welcome for us, he is a very talented player with good years left I would love it…

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