Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 10: Open Thread

Football - West Ham United v Arsenal Barclays Premier League - Upton Park - 26/10/08.Arsenal's Theo Walcott and West Ham's Herita Ilunga Photo via Newscom

As the trio on the EPL Talk Podcast mentioned in the latest episode, it’s been a long week in terms of there being little major news breaking and not a lot of football on television. But now that Saturday has arrived, we’re graced with the familiar return of the Premier League.

Today there are several mouthwatering matches on offer including West Ham against Arsenal, Wolves versus Manchester City and the big one, Manchester United against Tottenham. Spurs has an awful record against the Big Four clubs, especially Manchester United, so let’s see if they can finally get a result today.

Feel free to use this open thread to vent, post your questions or observations, etc. Just click on the comments link below.

15 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 10: Open Thread”

    1. Landon who? It’s Dempsey who needs the highlighting…I haven’t stayed current with him, but it seems I’ve missed a lot. He seems to be putting in some constantly good performances this season and last, and todays two goal result certainly won’t hurt!

  1. Don’t care for the new ESPN approach of talking as much as possible about all of the other games going on. The worst part is talking about scores from other games WHILE play is going on. It seems like an ESPN decision to tell the announcers to talk more about the other games, but it’s really shocking.

    1. I agree. The ESPN2 games that are shown at 10am ET need to come with a disclaimer so it doesn’t ruin the experience of fans who are taping other games while watching the ESPN2 one.

      The Gaffer

  2. And just as I say that, Blackburn is pushing forward for an equalizer while the announcer is talking about Alex Song scoring for Arsenal in another game. Just stupid.

  3. I have not seen the table but isn’t the relegation zone consist of West Ham United, Blackburn Rovers, and Liverpool right now? Who would of thunk that. I would love to see that as the bottom 3 come the end of the season.

  4. Nani clearly handled the ball. Did the refs not see this? And nice job by FSC for clearly showing the entire sequence that ended in the controversial goal. /sarcasm

  5. ESPN needs to realize that its audience for soccer games is very different to its typical American audience that doesn’t mind, and in many cases insists on, knowing the score of other games being played . Someone needs to inform them of this. It’s bad enough that they display the scores but then to have the announcers talk about goals being scored elsewhere while play is still going on just makes it worse. I hope they put a stop to this.

    1. The thing is, I believe they know this and want to change it. There had to have been some sort of meeting or something where they told the announcer to keep viewers updated on what is happening in other games. This has taken it to another level. On more than one occasion, the announcer was talking about Clint Dempsey scoring or Arsenal’s goal when Chelsea and Blackburn were nearly in position to score.

      The scores on the bottom are one thing. But you rarely even hear American announcers actually talk about other games as they are happening as opposed to talking about the one they are currently calling. It makes no sense.

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