Italy Given 3-0 Win Over Serbia by UEFA

After the Italy – Serbia match was abandoned due to fan trouble, people were unsure what UEFA would do about the entire situation. But UEFA have decided, and there will be punishment for both sides, not just for Serbia. Here’s an official UEFA statement regarding their decision.

“The Control and Disciplinary Body has decided to award the match as a 3-0 forfeit win to Italy. The Football Association of Serbia (FSS) has been ordered to play its next two home matches behind closed doors… The Control and Disciplinary Body has ordered the FSS to refrain from ordering tickets for Serbian supporters for all the away matches of the Serbian team during the remainder of the UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying competition. The association was also fined a total of €120,000.”

While Italy fans might be celebrating with this announcement there was also some bad news for them. Here’s UEFA’s statement regarding the FIGC.

“The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) received a sanction of one match to be played behind closed doors. This sanction is deferred for a probationary period of two years. The association was fined €100,000.”

So what are your thoughts regarding the fact that the Azzurri will have to not only pay a fine of 100,000 Euros, but they’ll even have to play a match behind closed doors. Both associations have three days to appeal, and apparently the the Football Association of Serbia is thinking about appealing.

While I think that it’s a pretty fair result for both sides, I’d like to know what you think. Share your comments below!

0 thoughts on “Italy Given 3-0 Win Over Serbia by UEFA”

  1. spot on UEFA!..though i persoanlly believe Italian police acted sensibly in not using force on Serbian Ultras. they were asking for trouble and any use of force would have turned things ugly.

  2. I agree with you Hasan, I don’t think that the Italian police did much wrong. After the match was suspended, they searched every Serbian supporters bus thoroughly, and they eventually caught the guy hiding in the luggage compartment. How could they have done better than that?

  3. I think EUFA’s full of shit! . . . Why punnish the Italians?? What was that we did wrong to deserve such punishment ?. . .really!
    If thats how it is then our cops should have jumped the Serb Ultras and teach them a lesson about F–CKING up or stadiums!!
    Can someone pls explain to me why we were punnished . . .

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