Special 1 TV: Wayne Rooney Strikes Back (Video)

When the creators of Special 1 TV chose Jose Mourinho, Wayne Rooney, Sven-Goran Eriksson and Sir Alex Ferguson as some of the main characters of the show, it was an incredibly wise decision not only because they’re wonderful characters but also because they’re in the news all the time.

All four of them have been in the headlines recently, so it’s no surprise that there’s plenty of hysterical material to work with as shown in the latest episode (see above video).

For me, this was one of the funniest episodes they’ve done in a very long time.

8 thoughts on “Special 1 TV: Wayne Rooney Strikes Back (Video)”

  1. As a United fan, I have to say that the Spurs were really screwed on the 2nd United goal by Nani.

    First of all, Nani dived.

    Secondly, Nani had a hand ball seconds later.

    Third, the whole sequence of the Nani goal was extremely strange. The referee should have waved that goal off, and play should have continued from there.

    I pull for my side, but I also prefer fair play and good referees. I think the Spurs deserved better.

    1. Firstly, it was a penalty.
      Secondly, Nani does handle the ball so at this point a free kick could have been awarded.
      Thirdly, there was no whistle so Gomes only has himself to blame. You can’t blame the referee for the actual goal, because it was the correct decision given the situation and the way it played out. It was just a very freaky situation.

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