Match Of The 70s, 1971-72: Friday Flashback Videos

In this week’s installment of Friday Flashback Videos, we continue out journey through 1970s English football by landing on the 1971-72 season and taking us from August until the end of the season.

As usual, there is so much to watch and so many observations that can be made of how different the game was back then versus now. Feel free to post any interesting observations you see in the comments section below.


2 thoughts on “Match Of The 70s, 1971-72: Friday Flashback Videos”

  1. Just had to say thanks for starting my Friday morning off with a trip into the past. I watched the first two videos with my morning coffee and I will catch up with the others later today. In 1971 I was 18 and never missed a Tottenham home game, so I was almost certainly in the crowd for the mud bath game against Leeds. Standing on packed terraces for a couple of hours, sometimes soaking wet and freezing cold was the only way to spend Saturday afternoons. I’ve been living in the US for over 20 years now and I’d almost forgotten what those days were like, but this helped me remember!

    1. Andy, I definitely remember those cold and wet Saturday afternoons and evenings too. For me it was in the early 80s, but I remember coming home and my clothes being sopping wet, and peeling off my socks in front of the fire and my mum supplying a cup of tea to warm me up.

      The Gaffer

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