Fernando Torres and Pepe Reina Ready to Quit Liverpool In January

June 18, 2010 - Potchefstroom, South Africa - epa02209826 Spanish goalkeeper Pepe Reina (L) chats with Spanish forward Fernando Torres during their team's training session in Potchesfstroom, South Africa, 18 June 2010. Spain will face Honduras on 21 June at the Ellis Park stadium in Johannesburg in a Group H match at the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup.

For those readers expecting to read a juicy story about why Torres and Reina are ready to quit Liverpool in January, I apologize.

You see, The Daily Mirror published a story about it last night. Whether it’s true or not, we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m sure it gave the Mirror the traffic it wanted despite there being no sources named in the article. Essentially the story claims that both Torres and Reina have escape clauses in their contracts and they both plan on telling the Liverpool management that they plan on exercising those clauses in January to move to bigger clubs. Yesterday The Mirror reported that Reina was a target for Manchester United.

It’s often hard to know how truthful these stories are. Is it conceivable? Sure. Will the Liverpool owners or manager refute the claims this week and vehemently deny that the clauses exist? We’ll have to wait and see.

One resource to put The Daily Mirror’s story into perspective is the Football Transfer League website which monitors the accuracy of transfer stories mentioned in British newspapers. In the defense of the newspapers, a story may be accurate but then a player, agent or club may change his mind which would make the story null and void. But it at least gives us a good insight of how newspapers rank against each other. For example, The Daily Mirror has a 16.2% accuracy when writing about Liverpool transfers and how often they come true.

Out of the 14 British newspapers that are tracked, The Daily Mirror is ranked fourth from bottom when the accuracy of their transfer rumors are measured. In addition to that, The Daily Mirror is ranked number three for the most number of transfer rumors published each day. The paper publishes an average of 3.05 per day since the summer 2006 transfer window.

So based on The Daily Mirror’s track record, I wouldn’t put too much faith in their story about Torres and Reina being accurate. In fact, it makes you wonder what the point of The Mirror is especially when you realize that the vast majority of articles they publish are regarding transfer rumors. Take those away and you’re not left with much else. Of the top 10 most read stories on their site right now, nine of them are transfer-related. The Mirror obviously realizes that as much as we, the public, dislike being sold down the river, we eat up transfer speculation. So as long as we continue clicking on those type of stories, they’ll continue focusing their efforts on writing them because it generates ad revenue and sells papers.

13 thoughts on “Fernando Torres and Pepe Reina Ready to Quit Liverpool In January”

  1. We should forgive them , after all the best way to sell papers is making up a hogwash story about Englands most famous team – problem is it should have been placed amongst the comics……

  2. The Football Transfer League web site (http://www.footballtransferleague.co.uk/) is truly great. The inclusion of percentage accuracy of newspapers is a wonderful feature but I also enjoy being able to see how many different sources have reported the same story (and thus making the likelihood a little more believable).

    As far as this goes, it’s not the most surprising story I’ve heard but still very unlikely that both will go that soon.

  3. This report is nothing new. It’s been around for a few weeks and has been heavily discussed on the Liverpool website boards. Many players, including Torres and Reina are not happy with Roy Hodgson’s methods. According to the Guardian both players have get-out clauses that would allow them to leave if they so desired. In order to keep them at Liverpool there is interest in bringing in the manager of Athletico Madrid, Quinque Flores, according to Guillem Bellague who writes weekly for Sky Sports.

    Losing Torres and Reina is not only bad for the team but would affect the club’s international revenue. Liverpool are the most-followed EPL team in Spain as well. Torres and Reina jerseys are also very popular among Liverpool fans.

    A string of good results could change all this.

  4. Clubs do not give contracts that allow themselves to be broken “if the player feels like it” nor do a club like Liverpool have clauses that say “can leave to a bigger club”. That is obvious tabloid nonsense.
    Clauses are fairly rare in English soccer, they are used much more in Spain and Italy. What ‘break’ clauses there are are never purely to the advantage of the player as the Mirror would seem to suggest.
    Also, Janaury is not the time that big players tend to move anyway.
    That said, I would hope NESV is talking to the players without coaches around, to get their true feelings and wishes. Players should never dictate how the club is run, but you always want to keep your star employees feeling appreciated.

  5. The papers just want to sell money, and these days I don’t believe much until a player comes out and says “I want to leave xxxxx.” When December gets here, I’ll start to listen to transfer chatter. Until then, no thanks.

  6. Reina just signed a new contract not too long ago. And if Torres was going to leave he would’ve left after the World Cup. Remember Wayne Rooney was going to Man City last week?

    Another desperate headline.

  7. Yeah, as Fernando points out, Reina signed a contract in April, a 6 year contract (or 5 year with rolling 1 year option). I doubt very much said contract said, oh in 6 months if you are unhappy we will tear it up. If Liverpool were to sell, common financial sense says it would need to be for a world record fee for a goalkeeper. Why sell for less, the player is tied down in a very long term contract and the club do not wish to sell, or need to. Reina is also a true professional, even if he does want to leave he won’t stop giving his all on the pitch unlike a Mascherano type player.
    So, who do you think is going to be splashing over 30 million pounds on a keeper in January? Answer, nobody.

  8. Using an attention grabbing, but false, headline to a blog post seems like a pretty cynical attempt to attract readers, and really isn’t that far removed from Daily Mirror actually reporting the rubbish in the first place (as a cynical attempt to attract readers) .

    1. Hank, the post wasn’t meant to be a cynical attempt to attract readers. I was trying to prove a point that most of what The Mirror writes is rubbish.

      The Gaffer

  9. Does anyone really know if there is or is not a release clause in their contracts? I think everyone, including the papers, is just guessing.

    This report, http://www.goal.com/en-india/news/222/transfer-zone/2010/10/28/2187010/disillusioned-fernando-torres-and-pepe-reina-set-to-invoke, seems to suggest that they could ask to leave because they feel they were lied to about the club’s ambition.

    As long as Liverpool continue to struggle on the field these reports will not go away. The fact that Hodgson has come out warning Man United about signing Reina means United may feel they has a chance of signing him because he is unhappy at Liverpool. Funny how Hodgson has spoken but not Reina nor has Hodgson stated that he has spoken to Reina and was told that Reina is happy at Liverpool.

    I tend to believe the stories that Torres and Reina are very inhappy at Liverpool hence all the talk about them wanting to leave. Whether or not they leave we will all have to wait and see.

  10. I am not sure if they are true but it wouldn’t shock me

    Liverpool is not anywhere close to being a Top 4 team
    Liverpool has a manager that is being questioned by just about everyone
    Liverpool still comes off as being in total disarray

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