9 Years Of PES and Winning Eleven In 6 Minutes Of Awesome

Some people prefer Microsoft over Apple. Others prefer Pro Evolution Soccer (aka Winning Eleven) over the FIFA video game series. But for those of you who prefer the Konami title instead of EA Sports, here’s a video which bring you 9 years of Pro Evolution Soccer (aka Winning Eleven) history, in just over 6 minutes.

Looking back, it’s interesting to see how the game has evolved over time from the launch of PES 1 in November, 2001 to the 2009 version. There are still plenty of people who prefer PES over FIFA and the debate never seems to end.

Due to licensing issues, some teams and player names on the 1991 version Pro Evolution Soccer are incorrect, e.g. Wim Suurbier is named Slowbear in the Classic Netherlands squad.

Hat tip to Wired Magazine for the headline idea.


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