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The Worst Dive Ever?

We all know that diving has become a real problem in world football over the last couple of decades, but I think this video shows play-acting at an all time low.

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9 Responses to The Worst Dive Ever?

  1. Dools says:

    He looked offsides and it was a dive, so the ref gives a pen? Wow.

  2. Why? says:

    I don’t know what your on about the defender clearly catches him, it’s a stonewall pen.

  3. gunjack says:

    dont know about worst dive ever but this is certainly the worst linesman-referee combo ever….both of them fail to pick out a blatant dive…an the linesman is looking right at him!

  4. Dave B. says:

    The entire officials crew should be immediately fired.

  5. BBC says:

    Ahhh. . . . .gamesmanship

  6. Lab Partner says:

    If only the officials had some way of reviewing questionable plays. Other than video technology. Which is surprisingly effective. And surprisingly affordable. And which is what the audience is using to stay better informed than the game officials. If only there was some way

  7. BA14 says:

    My thought is that the refs were paid off in this match. I

  8. I’ve done better dives than that myself on a cold Sunday morning!!

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