How the FIFA Video Game Series Evolved, 1993 to 2009: Video

The FIFA video game series has continued to evolve since it launched in late 1993. With the recent launch of FIFA 11, the game is now the fastest selling sports game ever with over 2.6 million games sold and over $150 million generated in less than a week of the game being released.

So, it’s interesting to take a look back in the above video to see how the series evolved from its start in 1993 to 2009.

Sit back and enjoy the video.

15 thoughts on “How the FIFA Video Game Series Evolved, 1993 to 2009: Video”

  1. Very nice! I preferred 1999 above all the rest – most fun of the series. I have 2011 and it looks authentic, has loads of good bits and bobs but doesnt play all that fun – dribbling is near impossible a the third level (of five).

    I used to know a lad at UMass who based all his knowledge of world football on the FIFA 97 player ratings. Those were the days.

    Cheers for this gaffer.

  2. Which version had the Judy Foudy commentary and passing lanes appearing as dots?? I think it was 2000 or 2001 – series KILLER.

    I went to PES after that for years.

    1999 was the swashbuckling United/Arsenal of games. 2011 is the World Cup Spain tippy tappy version. I definitely prefer the old days. I’ll sto posting now :)

  3. I have to admit, I am completely addicted to playing this game. I remember when I first got FIFA International Soccer for the Sega Genesis my senior year of high school. It completely consumed me and buddies. The other version of this game I played non stop was FIFA 2010.

    I have the latest version, and quite frankly I dont understand why everyone is complaining so much. There are some things I wish I could change such as the Transfer budget, scoring from a free kick, & making penalties easier. I can’t stop playing it. I just love it. I just finished my first EPL season and am debating whether I should move on to Season 2 or start a La Liga campaign.

  4. They used to have indoor match mode. I loved it. I guess they had it between 95 and 97. I switched to Winning 11 (japanese version) after 98 because everyone in the neighborhood did so. The japanese commentator was just great. Great days.

    1. Indoor mode was awesome. I would absolutely love it if they brought that back – it would be perfect for on-line team play too (since everyone would get more of the ball than in an 11-a-side match).

  5. Been gaming for a long time. There is no time in my life I can claim that I exclusively played one particular soccer game. Me and my brothers/friends, we played them all FIFA, World WIde Soccer, ISS, This Is Football, Sensi. Recently though I have came to enjoy more the arcade-y gameplay of PES rather than the simulation-y gameplay of recent FIFA’s (09,10,11).
    Bottom line is they are all fun if you play with a friend(s).

  6. Finally got rid on my Wii and going to by a 360 this weekend. Which Fifa should I get 10 or 11? I mostly play manager mode and play a lower divisions team so I really don’t mind outdated rosters.

  7. Oh wow, I had FIFA 99 for the PC and I played the hell out of that thing. It was a blast; love the SuperLeague feature on it tool, had some epic matches there. And you could create your own tournaments; I’d periodically have a World Cup and try to play it like a regular football seasonal cycle. Great fun.
    I have FIFA 07 for PS2, good game too, like the manager mode there; wish you could manage national teams in that mode too. Has that been added for later versions?

  8. 2000 was the best. “It’s only us” from Robbie Williams & you could roulette from one box to the other and be unstoppable lol

    2000-2005 had the best soundtracks too. Tiesto, Tenshi, Moby…Too bad Fifa doesn’t really go heavy on the dance tracks anymore =(

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