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Carling Cup Fourth Round Poll: Who's Watching?

 Carling Cup Fourth Round Poll: Who's Watching?

While the Carling Cup begins again today and tomorrow, a lot of talk is being brandished around about the relevancy of the actual existence of the tournament itself. While I believe the League Cup has enjoyed a resurgence over the course of the last few years, many disagree stating it’s a silly competition that simply gets in the way of the Premier League and Champions League (for those clubs participating in it) and takes away from the much more prestigious FA Cup.

But while bored and spoiled Premier League fans miss out on matches the likes of last years Manchester derby semi final and this season’s Chelsea 3-4 Newcastle thriller, the few Carling Cup fans left out there continue to enjoy some pretty good matches.

So I want to pose the question again to readers of EPL Talk, do you feel that the Carling Cup is a waste of time at least for the Premier League clubs who participate in it? Would the time spent playing out lackluster matches between a David and Goliath be better spent resting players?

Vote in the poll below while if you’re not a fan of the Carling Cup, leave a comment below stating why.

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7 Responses to Carling Cup Fourth Round Poll: Who's Watching?

  1. Q says:

    I’m all about midweek football of any kind!

  2. Adam says:

    Only really watching because Newcastle is still in it.

  3. DeeRexBox says:

    I agree with Adam, i’m only continuing to watching b/c Arsenal are still in the competition. Unfortunately, we in the states don’t get these matches in High-Definition, so I’ll watch fewer than I would otherwise.

  4. pacificStyle says:

    I like watching newer players in this contest. Makes one feel more “connected” with the team. Also provides a good challenge for non-EPL teams. I’d say, the competition, when looked at from the perspective of a non-EPL team, is even more relevant.

    Besides, I agree with Q – mid-week footy of any kind is awesome!


  5. Ethan says:

    I think that with American fans in particular, there’s a fairly large interest in that American fans will take all the Football we can get, whereas those in Britain have Football 24/7, so they have a chance to be a bit more picky.

  6. It is only lower league clubs who suffer from the big boys not taking this competition seriously, a chance for a pay day with a lucky draw and the chance for fans to see World Class Players has been taken away from lower league fans which is very sad

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