Will Liverpool Fans Now Give Hodgson A Chance?

 Will Liverpool Fans Now Give Hodgson A Chance?

The margin of error is shrinking. In years gone by, managers would have more time to adapt and to get results. Nowadays managers are on a short leash. And someone like Roy Hodgson, even after nine points from nine games, is hanging by a thread.

Sure, Liverpool finds itself stuck near the bottom of the table, but I’ve been disappointed with what seems like a witch hunt by some Liverpool pundits to get Hodgson sacked. While Hodgson’s track record hasn’t been as golden as Rafa Benitez, I find it incredulous that so many Liverpool fans harken back to the days of Rafa when all he brought the club was negativity, massive debts from transfer flops, a squad that was beginning to rot from inside and yes, a Champions League trophy.

When Hodgson took over at Anfield, he was faced with the difficult task of keeping spirits high during the club’s perilous financial situation, as well as trying to breath some life into the squad after the departure of Javier Mascherano and the signings of Joe Cole and Paul Konchesky.

Fortunately for Liverpool and Hodgson, the Reds had a much improved performance Sunday when they beat Blackburn 2-1 at Anfield. Liverpool played with a determination and aggression that we haven’t seen from them in months in the Premier League. This was a Liverpool performance that we have been accustomed to seeing with plenty of chances created. If Blackburn’s Paul Robinson wasn’t on fire as he was on Sunday, Liverpool could have been two or three nil up at the half.

Hopefully Liverpool’s win will restore the confidence the club needs so they can continue winning matches and ascending back up the league table. Even if they do, I feel a significant contingent of Liverpool supporters will still feel bitter because Hodgson is still in charge. I don’t know what Hodgson has done, other than being English and coming from a smaller club, but it certainly seems the knives are out for him from plenty of Liverpool supporters. Sure, his beginning to the 2010-11 Premier League season has been woeful, but it is time now for supporters to give him another chance and get behind him and the team.

One more thing. I wonder how much of the support for Hodgson among the press in England is because he’s a more likable person than Benitez. The Spaniard seemed to be in his world at times and made more enemies than friends among fellow Premier League managers. But at the end of the day, managers are judged on their results and so far Benitez has been the superior. I just hope that NESV and the Liverpool supporters give Hodgson a chance. He’s an accomplished manager, is the best English gaffer in the business other than Harry Redknapp and he’s been around the game for so long that he knows what it takes to turn things around. Let’s hope he can do it.

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  1. You are obviously not a Liverpool supporter, so I will not dwell on your comments about Rafa. Roy has not endeared himself to the fans for a number of reasons.

    1. His comments to the press, not standing up for players and generally implying the squad is a lot worse than it is.
    2. Loaning out Aquilani.
    3. Negative tactics. More suited to lesser teams, consequently we have been dominated by lesser teams. He changed against Blackburn for 70 mins and got rewards from it. Other than that, he is the antithesis of Rafa’s pressing high up the pitch.
    4. Some of his buys have been questionable, as has letting promising youngsters be sold.
    5. Alienating world class players. Torres, has had little to work with other than long balls in the air – he is NOT Bobby Zamora!! Wanting Reina to be more English (what?).
    6. rumours that Carragher is having a BIG say in the team selection.
    7. Generally, the underdog mentality and giving too much credit to poor teams (are Northampton really ‘formidable’).

    I could go on, but hopefully you see why fans are finding it hard to take to him.

  2. Well Done Gaffer!

    Hodgson needs time and support! Yesterday i hope was a sign of things to come. I can’t remember a performance as attacking and positive as that last year under Rafa.

  3. No, he is a media myth, bigged up by the British media. His record when actually examined is mediocre at best. He won manager of the year last year losing more games than he won finishing 12th 5 places worse than the previous year.

    Oh ya he got to a europa league final sure why didn’t we give McClaren, Strachan or Smith the job then. On top of this in 35 years from his Bristol City days to his Fulham days he has played an extremely negative brand of football. His record so far at Liverpool is guiding the club to its worst start in 50 years. He daily muttering to the media can only be described as embarrasing.

    Lastly he was appointed by Hicks and Gillette. A one goal win against an awful side at Anfield isn’t going to change all that. Roy Hodgson needs to go now so the club can start with a clean slate, he was never good enough for such a big job. Lets see does he get the England job next.

  4. I wish he’d never have been given the job, I genuinely thought it was a joke when he was appointed, his tactics and results have been there for all to see. He is a journeyman manager at best and not someone who should be in charge at Anfield, time to walk away Hodgson and do all us Liverpool fans a favour.

    Never was good enough and never will be.

  5. Roy does need a chance, new managers need time. The January Transfer window should give NESV the opportunity to offer some financial help for a new player or two. Certainly his tactics seem negative to some extent and yes in years past Liverpool would have thrashed this Blackburn side, and were it not for Paul Robinson making some great saves Liverpool would have run out 3 or 4 to nil winners. If this awful vein of form continues with 2 wins every 9 games Hodgson will probably be given the sack at Christmas, simply as this team is capable of far more, but I suspect Liverpool will be fighting for a CL spot come late spring.

    1. wait for xmas to sack him once its too late? no thanks. If he is being sacked at xmas, we’ll be losing all our top players come the summer transfer because we will be a mid table team without even a europa league spot.

  6. Why is it so difficult for people to comprehend that Roy Hodgson is at best a very average manager. You can give him all the time he wants but he is sure not going to win Liverpool the premiership or even finish 4th and qualify for the CL. The pecking order of managers in the premiership presently is Carlo..Arsene…Sir Alex….Mancini……a few other guys and then Hodgson. The yanks need to bring in a high profile manager and show the Liverpool faithful that they mean business. I honestly did not see the pool- rovers match but I did see the goals and it took a freak chance for Torres to finish blackburn. Liverpool are going to get beaten black & blue by the likes of United, Arsenal, Chelsea & City and maybe even by the likes of spurs and Everton unless they can bring in a manager who understands the word strategy……..

    1. A new manager is not going to make that much of a difference. This Liverpool side is not a squad that will win the Premier League title anytime in the near future, Hodgson or not.

      The Gaffer

      1. And someone like Roy Hodgson, even after nine points from nine games, is hanging by a thread………………

        Now I am really not very good with my arithmetics but is not 9×3 supposed to be 27……….When I look at Liverpool I see a very decent squad that is probably as good as an Arsenal if not better but lacking motivation and strategy………..now who has to take the blame for the lack for clear thinking or any motivational abilities……..you guessed it right hodgson…..

  7. an outsider may see one thing, but if you’ve followed Liverpool, you know the real deal. Hodgson doesn’t really have a clue. He booted Poulsen from the XI wayyyyy too late, uses a style that doesn’t win games in the PL, embarrasses the hell out of us in every presser, inexplicably used Meireles in the wrong position for about 5 games, etc. etc.

  8. The gaffer, a manager makes the best of what he can with the squad available to him. Bearing in mind that and our position in the league do you think he is achieving this.

    Remember 8 of the team which beat Utd 4-1 at Old Trafford started the derby last week. This team minus a couple of players nearly won the Premiership 2 years ago so either Rafa Benitez is an extremely talented manager or the squad isn’t that bad.

    The media are really trying to push this “the squad is poor” to protect there pal Roy. A surpising fact Liverpool supplied more players to the World cup then any other team in the Premiership. How many internationals had Blackpool or Northampton.

    Rafa finished 7th last season having to play most of the season with no Torres will Hodgson finish in a better positon I very much doubt it.

    Liverpool has a good enough team to compete for a top 4 place but journalist like yourself are doing there best to dumb down expectations so much that if Hodgson finishes mid table it will be seen as an achievement.

      1. I gave him a chance. Liverpool are in the bottom 3 and playing badly. I also think his comments regarding selling Torres to United, Van de Vaart not fitting the profile of a player he would be looking to sign, and his judgment that the performance against Everton was good are nonsensical, plus all the other reasons enumerated by other readers. Chance over.

        After buying Poulsen and Konbaldy is there any reason to give the man money to spend in January? If those are the types of players he is looking to buy then I say no.

        If your favorite team were in the bottom 3 after 9 games you’d be calling for the manager’s head. I can see why fans of other teams want to see Hodgson stay in charge. Liverpool are a good target for 3 points until he is replaced.

        1. I agree with the notion of Poulsen, but Paul Konchesky has not played poorly for us yet is always getting forward offering options and were it not for Carra’s skull, I reckon he’d have had 4 goal line clearances for us this season. I’d like to hear your reasonings.

          1. Did you see Konchesky against Blackburn? He was played into the box and first touch was dreadful and he over ran the ball and fell into the advertising hoardings. He’s a lower half of the league player, hence a career at the likes of Fulham and West Ham. Seamus Coleman gave him the run around at Goodison, its all an absolute embarassment. Don’t get me started on Poulsen.

  9. Blackburn applied no pressure, so Liverpool’s midfielders were able to have time on the ball, and suddenly the whole Liverpool’s squad are terrible myth falls apart. However, there are going to be very few teams who play the way Blackburn did against Liverpool.
    The way Hodgson sets his teams up they don’t win away from home. Fulham last year won one game away from home in the EPL. That was their first game. That was against an in-crisis Portsmouth. That was August 15th 2009. That was the last time a Roy Hodgson managed team won a game on the road. That means in the last 13 months, teams managed by Roy Hodgson, on the road, have a record of 0 wins, 8 draws and 14 loses in the EPL.
    Hodgson will be removed by the owners at some point. He will not be able to achieve what NESV will demand, which is at minimum to be regularly in the Champions League and to be theoretically in with a chance of the title. With 35 years of evidence pointing to that conclusion I have supreme confidence in that statement.
    I think a lot of very sensible Liverpool fans, who are not knee-jerk type fans, and hate the idea of sacking a manager, realize that sometime it is better to just rip the band-aid off rather than waste a year peeling it slowly.

  10. The same set of supporters who wanted Rafa to be sent to Mars and were basically willing to let anyone become managers are now blaming the wrong person for all this misery.

    The current Liverpool squad isn’t good enough. Hodgson’s best move as Liverpool manager was to make sure Torres didn’t leave. Imagine this team w/out him?

    Any team that depends on Glen Johnson to provide steady defensive cover is asking for trouble. It’s why Chelsea got rid of him.

  11. So now Hodgson deserves a chance for winning Blackburn at home and Rafa when finished 7th last season didn’t?!!! try to use your imagination and think when will Mr. Hodgson reach a champions league final let alone winning it or lose the league at its final day? there’s great managers like Rafa and mediocre mangers like Hodgson, Mick McCarthy etc.. and I think its rather unfair to Rafa’s history with the club to compare him to a manager who’s fighting relegation!!!

  12. Another thing that baffles me as well is the fact the owner situation is being use as an excuse for Hodgson. The same conditions which Rafa had or the last 2 years of his reign, except the media took great pleasure in blaming Rafa for all the problems at Liverpool but when he left an good old English Roy got the job the media were only to happy to blame the owners quiet strange really. The same conditions which Ferguson operates with the Glaziers at Utd. The simple fact is if the media want to open their eyes is Hodgson is out of his depth. He should never have been giving it in the first place.

    He was brought in to get Liverpool back into the top 4 not for a midtable finish. The media will not hide that for the genuine fans who know exactly what is going on and are not being blindly led by the Sky Sports brigade.

    For the squad Hodgson has at his disposal a mid table finish will be disgraceful and that is where we will finish with him in charge. The media have a big problem with over rating English players and managers and why you won’t see an English manager at Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City or Man Utd any time soon.

    Hodgson time at Liverpool has been a shambles and what worries my most is him being given money in January because if he is given money I can see it being wasted on that clown Carlton Cole.

    His signing of Poulsen from Juventus and allowing Aquilani going there is among the worst bit of business in the clubs history.

  13. Liverpool are what I would like to call, “The Spoiler Team” this season. They are a dangerous side and can beat any side in the PL any given day. They might actually decide their own fate as well as some other “title favorite” side’s fate. Blackburn win was a huge confidence booster, and they will slowly but surely climb up the Premiership ladder one week at a time. They are like an injured tiger, boy I wouldn’t wanna face them on November 7, if I was Chelsea. Imagine being chased by Michael Schumacher at this prime, when its raining, when he fell behind because of flattened tire, gets a new refreshed to jump start from his pit stop, 10 places back and hungry to slide past whoever comes next. Get ready for some paranormal activity.

    1. Good point RVPFan. Who would have guessed that this was the side who almost pulled off a draw against Manchester United at Old Trafford if it wasn’t for Dimitar Berbatov’s brilliance? Yes, Liverpool is the spoiler team. I like that analogy.

      The Gaffer

    2. Out of the nine “days” of the Prem, Liverpool have beaten exactly two sides. This does not seem to be evidence that they can beat “any” side. Remind me exactly why beating Blackburn, a team ranked 17th in the league could be considered a “confidence booster.”

      I think Chelsea are going to be just fine on November 7, thankyouverymuch.

      1. Robert,
        Yes, that’s why they are at the bottom of the Premier League. But what I am saying is, with the “World Class” talents that’s available to them at their disposal, they are a dangerous side. And if Chelsea denies this, they take risk at their own peril. They were lacking confidence and it might surprise you but one hard-fought crucial win (every win is a crucial win in a competitive PL season), no matter who the opponent is, can spring confidence and winning mentality back in the squad. They will start fighting no matter what you say, and when you face a squad that will start to fight, you better not take them lightly. I am an Arsenal supporter and I was glad Arsenal came away with a crucial point against 10 man Liverpool.

  14. I’m glad to see him get the chance, I mean how many months has it been with him in charge and people are callling for him to be sacked? It felt a lot like he was being wrote off before he had even begun. I always like to bring up Alex Ferguson’s start at Man Utd, where he was so close to being sacked after about 3 years until he got a result in the FA cup. I know that is three years, but look at that in comparisson to how long he has been there now and what he has done.

    I think a lot of the pressure has been felt by the players and that is why there have been a lot of poor performances. I don’t think this Liverpool side is good enough to really challenge at the top, I think they’ve got a shakey defence and Carragher is really looking his age. But with enough faith and a better atmosphere they could push on for a top half finish.

  15. We were terrible against Utd at Old Trafford it would have been a travesty if we had got a draw. Ferguson thought they should have beaten us by 5 or 6, is it an achievement we only lost by 1 goal we are Liverpool not Fulham. As I’ve already said Hodgson had 8 of the players that started the 4-1 win over Utd at his disposal against Everton.

    So is Rafa brilliant or Hodgson shite. I think you need to go away andd properly study Hodgson record as well Gaffer, because what you’ll find is the fans that are most critical of Hodgson have spent a good time studying his last 35 years in management in which he was sacked 4 times

    He has never won a trophy outside Scandanvia his last trophy being the Danish Super Cup in 91.

    If anyone whats to see whether he should be given money to spend should check his time at Blackburn where he spent a combined sum of £18 million on Nathan Blake Christian Dailly and Kevin Davies something the Blackburn fans have never forgiven for.

    Gaffer you really should do more research on your topics myself and millions of other Liverpool fans aren’t going to be blinded by Englishjournalists blind love of the man.

    You should read a decent article about the man and go on Paul Tomkins blog might answer a few of your questions.

  16. Doesn’t say his opinion has changed, Gaffer Hodgson is a media myth check his 35 years in management, sacked 4 times journalists like Henry Winter and Patrick Barclays love Hodgson.

    He keeps bringing up winning the LMA mangerial award last season as his big achievement. If you check you will see past winners include Peter Reid and George Burley

    Betsplayer is linking him to West Ham if he is sacked that is about his level in my opinion he could do an okay job for them but not for a team with champions league aspirations.

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the idea was basically this:

        A legendary manager, a great manager, a good manager, and a run-of-the-mill, decent manager will have little to no difference on the performance of a team.

        A terrible manager will slightly make results worse.

      2. I’ll give him a small chance.
        However, I don’t think Roy should have a long term future here at Liverpool.

        I have read the chapter in soccernomics, where it talks about the difference managers make. The correlation between salaries and league over a long period of time is very high about over 90%. However, in one league season correlation between salaries and league position is about 70%, because in one season things can go wrong..

        During our time with Rafa we have consistently been placed above our wage bill, and in the CL its even more impressive. However, we did underachieve last season, we finished 7th when we had the 5th highest wage bill.
        It was one blip on Rafas record, and Rafa deserved another chance to get it right, especially with backing from the board.

        Its plain common sense, if you have the best players, you obviously have the better chance of success, as soccernomics stats prove.

        However, Its a coaches job is to get the best out of the players, regardless of the players you have in your disposal. Obviously, Thats a coaches job. More often than not, coaches do that. Most coaches, on some level do get their respective teams, performing to the level expected of those teams given their wage bills. The soccernomics stats make sense.

        And their are exceptions to this generalization, as pointed out by the book, coaches getting the teams placed above their wages bills – The special coaches – Rafa, Mourinho ect

        Also there are coaches that get their teams to perform, under their wage bill suggests they should be performing. Look at hodgsons record at blackburn, his small team tactics didnt translate, and he helped get the sixth most expensive team – relegated.

        Hodgson is one of those coaches at the moment. We have performed way below our talent. At the moment, hes not doing his Job. Last season, we did bad under Rafa, but at least in in those bad performances to lesser sides, we were never “outplayed” by those teams, and in the relegation zone. We finished 7th last season, we underachieved, given what we were used to under Rafa. However we had the 5th highest wage bill in that season, it wasn’t a massive under-achievement, compared to how we are performing now.

        This season, In very game bar blackburn, we have been outplayed, regardless if its man utd or Blackpool or Northampton at home. Compare stats of the starts of last season to this season. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/10/04/article-1317693-0B7A38D2000005DC-82_468x1287.jpg
        stats – less goals, more goals conceded, less shots&chances, more shots conceded, less possession, & less points when compared to the same games last season. Difference v v stark. Never got outplayed by lesser teams under Rafa and Torres had highest goals to min ratio, even with that so called “poor” squad ppl talk about, now hes struggling atm.
        Conclusion is its mainly about the – tactics used.

        Tactics do make a difference. Look at this chalkboard, shows the difference Roy no pressing, stand off tactics and Rafas high tempo pressing tactic vs Sunderland. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/chalkboards/F3j5kHOr8ZtjV7UmY44g
        To suggest, a difference in the tactical approach dont make a difference, is characteristic of the misunderstanding of football, that let to the Roy for Rafa swap in the first place.

        I’ll quote Jonathan Wilson. “Since he first took charge of the Swedish club Halmstad in 1976, Hodgson’s method has remained essentially unchanged: 4-4-2 with zonal marking, looking to counter with long diagonals out of defense, and a profound belief in maintaining a disciplined defensive structure.”

        Those small team tactics aren’t working for us, pure and simple. We’re set up like we have an inferiority complex – tactics of standing off, not pressing, maintaining the 2 banks of 4 shape – not working for us. Using theses tactics, means we will always get dominated by other sides, since we absorb pressure, regardless of the team.

        Under Rafa we employed a high tempo pressing game, with a higher defensive line, and it suited us, cause our players thrive off a possession based game, esp Torres.

        However, vs Blackburn. We did press, and there was a higher line. Granted the other team sat back didnt press, until we went back to Roys default tactics of standing off, we then got dominated.

        That was a promising sign, the sudden change in a 35 year old philosophy. Apparently, the players had a sit down meeting to agree on this change. SO credit to Roy listening to the players.
        However I hope this becomes the norm not the exception, and cuase Roy 35 philosophy is antithetical to the high tempo pressing game we are suited to, it remains to be seen if he will allow Liverpool to be their aggressive best. SO if Roy, keeps doing that, and we see more Blackburn like performances, il give him a chance.

        However, most Liverpool fans, just want a coach that has the tactical sophistication needed for a big club, like most big clubs have.
        Continental, modern, progressive, up to date with the current tactical trend that statistically correlate with success. A coach that doesn’t perform way below our wage bill suggests we should.

        Thats all we want, we are not asking for much.

  17. I wonder if Pellegrini had come in Gaffer in June an had the same start as Roy has would the media be so understanding or is this an English thing. A good manager can make a massive difference don’t need to read an article from a journlist to know that.

    Sadly Hodgson isn’t a good manager he is an average manager his 35 years in managment are testament to that.

    Don’t want to keep bringing Paul Tomkins up but he wrote an excellant article last week in relation to how good teams have performed according to there resources. Not suprising to see us and Hodgson Blackburn team close to the bottom.

    I personally think Hodgson is getting an extremely easy ride off the media and can only put it down to him being English.

    I’ve seen every Liverpool game this season and i’ve never seen a manager of the club deploy more negative tactics and I can remember Houllier going to the Nou Camp getting a 0-0 and his team not crossing the half way line.

  18. By “now” you mean since we defeated a limp Blackburn team that barely showed up but still almost got a result at Anfield?

    No. Hell no.

  19. two years ago, liverpool came second with rafas negative tactics costing dearly with way too many draws. failing to replace alonso (aquilani not the same position) in the summer with lucas and ngog playing regularly destroyed the team. so he inherted a team (alonso being the only big player lost) which could push for the title and definately get champions league. hodgson came in and the 1st thing he did was sell Yossi to CHELSEA FOR 5 MIL (disgrace) this was followed by loaning out aquilani and insua, mascherano left in a very bad way (not his fault) along with a good few young players. bought poor a best players cole and meireles being ok. he played worse tactics then rafas (didnt think it was possible) and failed to sell LUCAS NGOG and BABEL. he has helped destroy this club through embarrising press conferences, poor tactics, awful transfers, destroying players confidence etc. and to have mid table targets in it self should get him fired. also refusing to do the right thing and resign like gordan did at middlesbourgh shows he deserves NO sympaphy. so gaffer, you obviously arent a lpool fan and want them to fail!! all real lpool fans want him GONE!!

    1. And you, obviously, know what all Liverpool fans want.

      (1) He inherited a team that finished 7th in the PL – not exactly a team that can “push for the title and definately get champions league”.

      (2) Over the next few years, that Yossi deal will basically be a swap for Cole. I think that was a good bit of business.

      (3) N’Gog is our leading scorer in all competitions – we’d be even worse off if we had sold him.

      (4) Lucas is needed in that holding position (unless you want Poulsen playing week in, week out).

  20. I like Hodgson and think he was and still is the right manager for the job but he needs to get it together.

    He’s very similar to the new owners – they’re not super-rich but seem to want to invest responsibly. Hodgson isn’t the star manager that some wanted or expected but he’s a tactically smart, responsible manager that will do what’s best for the club. He’ll do us right but he needs time.

    Here’s the problem – he’s making silly mistakes that make it hard even for his fans to explain away.

    I’m a Hodgson fan but still can’t deny a few things. We’re losing games without even a whimper, players are being played out of position, two holding midfield players is silly, Poulsen was a terrible purchase, et cetera.

    It may be harsh to put it all on him but that’s part of the job. As said, I like Hodsgon but it’s so painful to see my Liverpool side these days.

  21. If he’d of gotten the England job and had this run in the Euro qualifiers everyone would be calling for his head.

    Let the Three Lions have him.

    Hodgson for England!!

  22. Are you a Liverpool fan Gaffer or a Hodgson fan because it looks by your responses and your original article your a Hodgson fan. I bet you thought he was great appointment at the time.

  23. Forgive me if this has already been said, but I can’t help but think about how the season may have played out differently if we hang for the win against Arsenal on opening day. Sports have a lot to do with momentum and belief, and that was a crusher.
    Personally I think Hodgson is probably a victim/example of the Peter Principle but changing the manager right now is not going to be the magic bullet most commenting here think it would be.

  24. are you kiding!! in 09 we did with practically the same team minus alonso, and we got 86 points (roughly the winning total other years), rafa messed thing up big time in 2010 but basically the same team!! ngog has 1 league goal, forget your all competitons crap and anyone with any bit of football knowledge would tell you lucas is a second rate player. joe cole WASNT an exchange deal, he was a free agent so selling yossi to chelsea didnt benefit the deal at all!! also yossi was prob our best player along with reina for liverpool in the last 2 seasons. you are completely clueless!! a recent survey showed that 95% of pool fans want him out, so thats more then enough for me.

  25. Gaffer, one win against a depleted Blackburn team and suddenly you think Liverpool supporters should give him a chance? This is Blackburn we are talking about and the win was at home. My answer to your question is NO.

    “A new manager is not going to make that much of a difference. This Liverpool side is not a squad that will win the Premier League title anytime in the near future, Hodgson or not”

    True that the present side is not good enough to win the EPL title. Very few of us would argue with that. However, this side is better than 9 points in 9 games. That is what you, gaffer, are missing. It’s not that most Liverpool fans think we should be winning the title but that we should be a lot higher up the table because the squad isn’t as bad as you make it out to be. This same squad finished a disappointing 7th last season, not in the bottom half.

    Hodgson told everyone that he should be judged after 10 games. Well, the most Liverpool will have after 10 games is 12 points. Now that isn’t very good. I’m not even sure we will win away to Bolton. Do you when was the last time a Hodgson team won an away EPL game? About 18 months ago. Fulham beat Portmouth then. Not a statistic to get excited about is it?

    Personally I wouldn’t trust Roy with money to spend during the January transfer window. He has never bought very well, not recently nor in the past. At Blackburn in 1998 he outspent all managers, including Fergie at Man United, only for his side to go to the bottom of the league within 2 months and he was then fired.

    Finally, I agree with those that say that he has got a pass because he is English. If he were a foreign manager he would have been fired by now. I also believe that because of his performance at Liverpool it will be more difficult for other British managers to get managerial jobs at top EPL clubs.

  26. Knowing what I know about Roy’s past record, I’m not willing to give him more time. The more I learn about his past and his methods the more I’m convinced he isn’t the right man for the job. My fear is that NESV will give him until January before they decide on his future. I’d much rather a new, forward thinking manager with fresh ideas come in now and be given until January to evaluate the squad so that he can buy wisely during the next transfer window.

    1. Agree with that. Waiting until January could be too late for his successor (whoever that might be) to undo the damage, not unlike the signing of Jovanovic and letting Yossi go – done deals during Rafa’s reign if I’m not mistaken. The longer he stays the greater the risk that he’d sign a lot of obscure players as he had done in the past. A great club needs a great manager, not an undertaker!

  27. He has 2 matches left and if Liverpool don’t get 4 points and good performances then he’s gone. If he gets the right results and matches it with good performances then he stays till the end of the season and keeps his reputation intact somewhat. Then Liverpool can go and get a top class manager who wants to deliver the league title.

    I hear Dalglish will be in charge of player recruitment in January as John W Henry (& NESV) is not stupid, they’re hardly going to give Hodgson a blank cheque book in January when they could be bringing in a new manager next summer. Of course, Hodgson may not even last till Christmas, we just have to wait and see how the next 6 games go, 4 of which are away from home.

  28. Hello Gaffer, I don’t have a clue what do you see in Hodgson tactics and gameplay that has made you back him. But What i and majority of the reds supporter sees negativity and lack of confidence in his approach of the game. He is an average manager at best and liverpool is simply not for him. Our squad is not that poor, though we do need some depth in some positions. With an experienced manager, we could be looking a lot better. I sure even you won’t deny the fact that i rafa was still at anfield we won’t be in for the relegation battle. YNWA

  29. Gaffer, why are you so obsessed with Roy Hodgson? Defending him when his past shows he is an average manager at best and at present he has shown how poor he has been doesn’t make sense. I can understand if he has been unfairly treated. On the contrary. He has been given more leeway than other managers might have been given, especially a foreigner, and also that he was supposed to know the EPl so there would be no learning curve for him.

    Roy Hodgson is the wrong manager for Liverpool if the club wants to progress and attract top talent.

  30. What a load of nonsense this article is. Hodgson is, was, and always will be an average manager. He was the best Liverpool could have expected at the time he was appointed, but times have changed. We have new owners, hugely decreased debt and a sense of hope and promise for the future. With this in mind, Liverpool’s ambition must be loftier. A man with a proven track record of success at the highest level is now the minimum requirement. Hodgson’s tactics are stifling and his signings are unambitious. The future starts now, and it must start without Hodgson. Heaven knows what kind of dross he would attempt to buy if he’s still in charge in January.

  31. Initially I was willing to give Hodgson a chance because I thought giving someone familiar with the EPL the job was in the best interest of the club given that Liverpool winning the league is always priority number one. Not only have the results under Hodgson been bad with poor tactics and team selections, but every day there are more revelations of players being discontented with his methods. My fear is that if he stays players like Torres, Reina and Agger will leave.

    So, no I do not want to give him a chance since I don’t think he is the right man any longer. The future of Liverpool Football Club is much more important.

  32. Wasn’t Hodgson a pick by Gerrad & Carragher? Who runs the club? Well now its NESV. I’m calling for Manuel Pelligrini (ex-Villareal and Madrid manager) to get the gig, he’s the only top qulaity manager who is available at present – get him in.

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