History of Fulham Football Club: Video

Fulham Football Club. from The Neighbourhood on Vimeo.

Fulham is the oldest professional football club in London with a very proud history. The west London side is a small club in a giant city. But as you can see from the above video, it’s a club that has a rich history and an ideal location alongside the beautiful River Thames.

It’s also in an opportune location for companies wishing to advertise as it’s in the flight path of Heathrow Airport, the world’s busiest airport.

5 thoughts on “History of Fulham Football Club: Video”

    1. I support the Whites, but the whites of Swansea City, not Fulham. I do love Craven Cottage though. And former Fulham manager Chris Coleman used to play for Swansea.

      The Gaffer

  1. i’ll be honest i started to watch fulham because of the american players over the years, specially deuce. but now even if deuce doesn’t play i still watch them.

  2. I too although an Arsenal fan am a closet Fulham fan mostly because of American players (Love Deuce as well). It’s probably why I have a soft spot for Everton as well.

    I have friends living in London and said the area and Craven Cottage are gorgeous. It’s a shame they can’t build a bigger stadium there on the Thames.

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