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Chelsea’s lead atop the Premier League is up to five points after the weekend’s action, where the Match of the Week saw a 10-man Manchester City lose ground on the league leaders, falling to Arsenal 0-3 at Eastlands.

On today’s recording of the EPL Talk Podcast, myself, Laurence McKenna and special co-host Jesse Chula will talk about that …

And whatever you want us to discuss. This is your open thread, your chance to provide questions, give feedback, or call us on the errors we are about to make.

Leave your comments below and we’ll work them into tonight’s recording, which starts at 10 p.m. BDT, 5 p.m. EDT, 2 p.m. PDT.

9 thoughts on “Pre-Show Open Thread: EPL Talk Podcast”

  1. This is a week old, but . . . .I was fully expecting Kartik to trash City’s performance as Blackpool had space whenever they wanted, De Jong seemed timid and Tevez kept coming back to midfield to get a glimpse of the ball, and Adebayor was a waste. . . . and then Silva got off the bench and all is right with City!!

    My question is why do you think that Mancini went with two forwards against Blackpool in a match that the 4-5-1 would have worked brilliantly against. . . an attacking team without the pace to deal with their counter.

    And also, what do you think is the main reason that defensive formations are looked down upon in soccer when it’s not the case in other sports. Maybe it’s because my first introduction to soccer was watching the US play in leaner years, but I love a pressing defense that fights to get the ball and then …BAM!…everyone flies forward. It’s not unattractive in the least, IMHO. I like that style much more than the ticky-tack possession game that seems adored.

  2. Was the win over Blackburn combined with the draw against Napoli, a sign that Hodgson is starting to turn things around at Liverpool? Or was it just a win over a fellow relegation candidate team shorn of two of its better players in Samba and Nzonzi and thus nothing to get excited about? I favor the latter and don’t expect it to alter Hodgson’s fat. Unless Inter’s manager is interested in the job, Pellegrini would be my choice of a replacement. MON would certainly not be.

    If Liverpool do right the ship which of Blackburn, Fulham, Wigan, Blackpool, Stoke and Birmingham are truly in the relegation battle alongside West Ham and Wolves? And why? I’d love to see Fat Sam’s Blackburn get relegated so he can get his dream job in Madrid :)

  3. After United’s win today at Stoke, can you help but think that the Rooney resolution is going to propel them to start taking care of games and putting away teams? Today’s match had the typical 2010-2011 Man Utd. result written all over it. When they conceded the equalizer I figured that the match would end in a draw. However, United got the winner late and wrapped up the 3 points. I am so excited to see if this is the start of an amazing run. I think United can win the PL.

    My second question is how does SAF deal with the emergence of Chicharito. Clearly, Rooney will start when he gets back. Where does that leave Chicharito? Berbatov has been on form this year and I am curious as to how SAF will fit all of them in. I guess Macheda will be the odd man out.

    Great job fellas on the podcast. I love listening and can’t wait for this week’s to be posted.

  4. First, i would like to thanks the gaffer for this great podcast on the web. I would like to ask a question to Laurence.
    Q. What do you see in today’s liverpool win at anfield? Do you think Roy should be sacked or not? If yes, with all the latest speculation linking rijkaard, flores sanchez, and O’neill. Who do you think should liverpool line up a replacement for hodgson?

    Thankyou, i would really appreciate an insightful answer.

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