Are Chelsea Certainties For The Premier League?

MOSCOW, RUSSIA. OCTOBER 19, 2010. Chelsea FC manager Carlo Ancelotti watches a UEFA Champions League game Spartak Moscow vs. Chelsea. (Photo ITAR-TASS / Alexei Filippov) Photo via Newscom
Nine games in to the 2010/11 Premier League season and Chelsea have opened up a five point lead at the top of the Premier League. Gameweek nine always promised to be a prosperous one for Chelsea with title rivals Manchester City and Arsenal going head-to-head, but Arsenal’s victory was the perfect result for Carlo Ancelotti’s side who have now some breathing space.

The pre-season favourites have had nothing short of a superb start to the season. While they suffered a blip in their visit to Eastlands, their general performances have suggested that they could quite easily stroll to their forth Premier League crown.

What has made Chelsea so effective since Ancelotti took over has been their ability to cruise past the lesser sides in the league. Under the irrepressible Jose Mourinho this was considered the norm, but under the likes of Luiz Felipe Scolari so often they dropped points in games that they really should have cruised through.

But ever since Ancelotti took over the helm at Stamford Bridge, comfortable wins against the so called ‘weaker sides’ has been almost guaranteed. So much so that nobody could have really expected anything less than a comfortable Chelsea win over Wolves at the weekend.

This is no disrespect to Mick McCarthy’s side, and is just a frank assessment of where Chelsea stand in relation to other sides this season. They are a cut above everybody, and this includes the likes of Manchester City and Manchester United.

A five point lead after nine games is a massive gap, and in many ways I can only see this getting bigger as the rest of the Premier League struggle to cope with Chelsea much superior first eleven. However one saving grace for the rest of the league challengers could be if injuries hit the Blues.

In comparison with the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea just don’t have the same strength in depth, and if injuries hit, it won’t be long before Ancelotti is forced to turn to untested youngsters. This fact is quite unbelievable when you consider the depth of the Chelsea side five years ago, but is hardy surprising considering the lack of incoming transfers, compared to the amount of players that have been shown the exit door at Stamford Bridge.

But if Chelsea can survive the season without an injury crisis, I can’t see anything other than a one-horse race. I hope I’m wrong because we all like to see the title going down to the wire, but unfortunately the Blues are just too strong for the rest of the league.

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  1. Winter is always going to be more difficult for an aging side. Three competitions still left with their depth concerns . . . .

    1. funny, Fergie said he expected this team to falter due to their age last season, look what happened there…this season we still have the same depth but theres much more youth there, I don’t think we need anymore proof of our depth than our 100% record in CL so far and our place at top of the table, especially considering the injuries we’ve had recently…just because we have an extremely young bench doesn’t mean theres no depth, infact theres more talent sitting on our bench these days than there was last season

  2. Here’s to hoping there’s some activity in the next transfer window. Essien playing farther forward is far too shooty, Anelka looks like he’s just going through the motions. It’s looking like the right choice would have been to have kept Ballack and sold Lampard.

    That said, if Lampard can come back close to 100% AND stay healthy, I think The Don can find a way to keep The Blues on top. They haven’t missed Alex as much as I thought they would, and they have enough options on the attack to keep opponents back on their heels. The midfield is shaky without Frank.

    And this team looks OLD! If they can pull it off this season, I think it’s going to have to be re-building time at the Bridge. That, or Abramovich is going to have get out his checkbook…

    Now, come on you Chels!!

    1. So you’d rather have kept Ballack, the 34-year-old slow midfielder who is now out for the rest of 2010 with a shin injury, and sold Lampard, who last season hit 28 goals and 15 assists last season? Please provide evidence for why this would have been a better option. The sentence, “And this team looks OLD!” contradicts your request to keep Ballack, which probably would have kept Mikel, our blossoming 23 year old, out of the squad.

  3. Every Premier League season has twists and turns and i hope this one is the same, the trouble is that if Chelsea’s lead increases then they can afford a poor run of form without sacrificing pole position

  4. It’s still very early this season – a quarter of the way gone.

    That said, we’re certainly favorites right now without our best XI gelling together recently because of sickness, injuries, etc.

    If ManU, City, and Arsenal continue to beat up on each other as they have, then we should be celebrating come early May!

    I am more concerned at how the away form develops this season against good mid-table sides. Last season, all losses in which we were generally looking second best throughout at Everton, Villa, Tottenham and City. Thus far, a loss at City and a draw at Villa. Get that away form straightened out, pick up the points from those matches, and the title race isn’t nearly as close as it could be.

  5. Hello James, No. I don’t think Chelsea are certainties to win anything, let alone Premier League, which has become massively competitive this year. There are at least 4 if not 5 teams competing for the league title. Chelsea had two tough encounters away from home, draw against Aston Villa, which I think they should have lost, and lost against Man City. There are tougher games coming up for them and by the end of December, I can almost certainly tell you in this up and down season that you will pose an entirely different question come January. 5 points lead is nothing. They just have a little breathing room that’s all. I just hope they won’t wish they had an even bigger lead right now.

  6. “Are Chelsea Certainties For The Premier League?”

    Yes, I think Chelsea will be in the Premier League for years to come.

  7. A five point cushion this early in the season is always a positive. Carlo can push this team if he see’s the squad relaxing at all. Much too early to say it’s a lock that Chelsea will win this. Every team has at least 1 or 2 periods of poor play each season.

    Why do Chelsea have a 5 pt lead? It’s b/c the teams in 2nd-4th couldn’t get all 3 points in most of their matches. How should we take Arsenal seriously when they lose to West Brom at home? Yesterday’s result against City shows their potential then they play the lesser teams and Wigan happens (see last yr).

    That being said Arsenal did Chelsea a favor beating City and opening up a good lead. It’s on Chelsea to give the lead back.

  8. Honestly,most of chelsea fans doesn’t understand what it takes to be leading.Although,everyone is entitle to his or her own opinion.But, i see our great club as EPL champion.

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