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Wayne Rooney Signing Seems A Little Fishy

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Smile for the cameras

So that’s it, then?

Wayne Rooney re-signed at Manchester United. Now, the dickie birds may sing again. A lone cow forages on pastures still green.

But isn’t his dramatic u-turn just a little bit fishy?

In a bureaucratic footballing environment populated by massive clubs and billions of dollars, there’s almost always more than what meets the eyes of casual fans. Just as Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger (in different ways, with different degrees of candor) acknowledged that manager’s will “create” injuries for players in order to rest them without public rebuke, the same, if not greater, levels of plotting and coyness can–and probably do–apply to this remarkable deus ex machina.

If Wayne Rooney wants to leave Manchester United–something he was so “adamant” about–they’d not be inclined to let him go for little or nothing. Nor would they have been too chuffed at him buying out his last year for $7m, an option allowed to him under FIFA regulations. Rooney wouldn’t have really preferred that either, as it’d forever tarnish his reputation among the rafters of Old Trafford.

Don’t get it twisted. There is a very real possiblity Rooney has re-signed with United in a clandestine “sign-and-sell” deal, basically the exact same agreement that Ronaldo had with the club when he re-signed late in his tenure, assured to move to Real Madrid (a move that was planned well in advance, so much so that Ronaldo patented CR9 that January while he still wore number seven for United).

Things might seem all hunkey-dorey for Man Red fans around the world. But Rooney signing a new deal may merely enable United to receive just compensation for the player, instead of him leaving on a Bosman’s free or buying out his last year for next to nothing.

If you believe such elaborate machinations are conspiratorial and implausible then I have a bundle of home loans I’d like to sell you. Hell, you probably don’t even believe in aliens. Money enables, if not necessitates, such subterfuge and smiley faces. Have we not learned anything?

Rooney’s u-turn saves face for player and ensures financial compensation for club if he were to leave before his new contract runs out, something that isn’t exactly unlikely in the current “money first, football second” climate of European football, a paradigm shared vociferously by Manchester United’s owners to their own club’s detriment.

Is it likely Rooney has re-signed with an implicit agreement to be sold next summer? I think so. You may not.

But we should all agree it’s very possible.

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18 Responses to Wayne Rooney Signing Seems A Little Fishy

  1. Terry says:

    I’d add that on the same day as this announcement Fergie also announces that Rooney will be out for the next 3 matches, because of an ankle injury heretofore never heard of that supposedly happened Tuesday in practice. Odd indeed.

  2. Rodrigo says:

    I hope you’re wrong, but that would’t suprise me

  3. Ian says:

    Terry — you are a moron. there are and have been pictures all over the net about his Tuesday ankle injury. Put on your tinfoil hat and keep don’t forget that you aren’t paranoid if they are really out to get you!

  4. Jake Wilson says:

    I admit that thought did cross my mind, but I think it’s more a case of Rooney getting the assurances from Joel Glazer that he wanted (and a few more quid in his paycheck). This business about apologizing is just a production. He got what he wanted. United saw their losing hand and folded.

    As a City fan, this feels like a win-win. A competitor was destabilized, with their questionable future prospects laid bare for all to see and their fans viciously turning on their best player. Meanwhile, my club didn’t have to spend a penny, nor are we stuck cheering for Rooney now, as someone much less contemptible but every bit as talented like Torres or Dzeko will be brought in either in January or the summer.

  5. tony says:

    This thought has crossed my mind and my parents in Manchester say it’s a strong rumor. However this actually costs the player since they often get larger signing bonuses and bigger contracts as an out-of-contract free agent so there’s not really anything in this for Rooney, especially if his form continues to dip.

  6. Footballfool says:

    Smokescreen. Didn’t something happen in his personal life recently……
    Brilliant move.

  7. Duke says:

    Well, I think most of us can agree that the party line on this situation stinks to heaven. Something more is going on. Time will tell, but I’m not believing a thing coming from anyone involved in this foolishness.

  8. Kenny says:

    Usually when a United player defies Ferguson it means the end of his time at United. Ferguson seemed more depressed than mad, which everyone would expect. So I don’t think Rooney really had much intention on leaving and Ferguson knew this. I personally think both Rooney and Ferguson manufactured the whole thing to get what they wanted (more money for Rooney and scaring the Glazers into considering buying new players for Ferguson). Rooney’s complete u-turn in the matter of 48 hours makes me think this more. I’m a fan of Rooney and more so of United so I hope this all works the best for United. But I remember a injured David Beckham being paraded out on the pitch just after signing a new contract then sold to Madrid shortly after.

  9. tonyspeed says:

    he is going to go. it just means more money for us…i mean the glazers.

  10. EvertonfanKY says:

    Maybe hes signed on the condition he can leave so Man Utd don’t loose any money.

  11. Tank from Canada says:

    He’s still going.

  12. Carolyn says:

    This whole episode has Ferguson’s imprint on it. He got both Rooney to stay (he was never going to leave) and got the owners to agree to spend more money bringing in new players after Ferguson realized that this squad needs beefing up to win the title. A win-win for the manager.

  13. Alex says:

    As soon as I heard the news the first thing i thought was sign and sell, all though Fergie’s pressy on tuesday was very suspect so perhaps it all really was a classic Ferguson mind game to get more money for his squad.

  14. Ardwickian says:

    To credit fergyscum with master planning the you get more money i get money for players scheme is one more huge laugh from whats been a great comedy week from stretford.Shreck simply used the oldest ploy going to sqeeze more money out of is debt ridden club,the same way his boss did when he enginered the whole retirement hoax a few years back.

  15. wtf says:

    i think the fact they got him his own prostitute suite swung it

  16. I have to agree with this article, something just doesn’t feel right about the Rooney situation. I expect that he has been given a mega payrise and told that they will proove over the next year to him that they will compete at the top levels. He will leave eventually in my opinion

  17. Parky says:

    What I don’t get is the media pussyfooting about the Manchester Education Committee’s visit to Rooney’s house. Balaclavas? Signs threatening his life if he signs for City?

    If this is true it’s scary. Death threats ought to be investigated by the police, but I haven’t read one journalist or pundit come out and condemn this kind of thing.

    If Rooney wants to leave it is up to him. All this fuss about it is weird to me.

  18. bob marley says:

    And i thought I was the only guy who could see through the dupe……The United owners have promised more investment………money that they really dont have…………..Rooney is out by Summer for a hefty sum.

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