Match Of The 70s, 1970-71 Season: Friday Flashback Videos

It’s our weekly trip down memory lane with the series of Friday Flashback Videos, released every Friday on EPL Talk. Today we look at the 1970-71 season in English football thanks to a program called Match Of The 70s.

The documentary takes you through the entire season with plenty of wonderful footage of greats such as, in part one, Manchester United’s George Best, dirty Leeds United, Arsenal’s John Radford, hooliganism at Derby’s Baseball Ground, the goal by Chelsea’s Alan Hudson which wasn’t a goal, and much more.

In part two, above, we get to see Willie Carr’s donkey kick which was later banned, Peter Lorimer’s hot shot for Leeds United, why there was no midweek football in England during part of the season, the marvelous match between Derby and Man United in the show and more.

In part three, the documentary focuses on Bobby Moore and West Ham United who were struggling in the league, as well as footage of the amazing win by Colchester against Leeds, a sensational Merseyside derby, and the one and only Charlie George.

In part four, we see the fiasco between Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion near the end of their match, a massive North London derby between Spurs and Arsenal at White Hart Lane, whether the Gunners could perform the double, footage of the FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Liverpool, and footage of Chelsea against Real Madrid in the European Cup Winners Cup.

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