Breaking News: Wayne Rooney Signs 5-Year Contract With United

Wayne Rooney has signed a five year contract extension with Manchester United, the club announced this morning.

The news comes as a surprise since many believed, myself included, that the striker would join Manchester City or another rival club.

It’ll be interesting to hear what convinced Rooney to sign an extension since on Wednesday his prepared statement said that he believed the club lacked ambition.

Man United chief executive David Gill spoke with Rooney’s agent on Thursday and continued their negotiations until the announcement was made this morning.

The news comes as a welcome relief for many United supporters who realize how much the club need Rooney. However, the whole debacle was handled poorly by Rooney and his agent, and it’s possible that many Man United supporters may never forgive him for the way he showed little loyalty and trust toward the club and fans.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Old Trafford crowd reacts to Rooney’s next performance and whether he gets a lukewarm reception.

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  1. “It’ll be interesting to hear what convinced Rooney to sign an extension since on Wednesday his prepared statement said that he believed the club lacked ambition.”

    That’s what I think is particularly interesting – have Man Utd said something to convince him they have “ambition”, or have they just offered him enough of a payrise for him to accept the situation…I’m guessing that latter.

    1. When the January transfer window passes, and Ferguson has paid peanuts for a couple of bargain basement players Rooney can take some of the blame for making less money available for Ferguson to spend. And he can look forward to having his “ambitious” words thrown back in his face then, and at the end of the season.

      1. as mentioned in one of the original threads, this smelled like a negotiation tactic from the start. Even when it became somewhat acrimonious, for me the only surprise would have been if he actually left.

        The only questions now are
        1) Will Fergie forgive and forget Rooney for disrespecting his club? (fat chance)
        2) Will the ManU fans forgive Wazza for using them to get a new contract? (they will right after his first goal)
        3) Will Wayne-O forgive the 40 wankers that gave him death threats from outside his house?

        1. “Will the ManU fans forgive Wazza for using them to get a new contract? (they will right after his first goal)”

          And then they will un-forgive Rooney when he goes a couple games without scoring. And then they will forgive him when he scores again. And then unforgive him when he goes a couple games without scoring. And again and again and again.

          “Will Wayne-O forgive the 40 wankers that gave him death threats from outside his house?”

          Who would? And in case any of those wankers are reading the comments in this post: when does going to a person’s home, as a mob, wearing balaclavas, and making death threats ever make your cause seem more sympathetic?

    2. Manchester United is probably giving him a pay raise and the only reason Rooney said he was leaving is to threaten Man U into giving him more money.

  2. Somehow I’m not surprised that a deal was agreed. It’s in the best interest of both parties. Rooney will now have to start performing well if he expects the fans to look past this saga. As soon as he starts scoring goals again and plays like he is capable of then all will be well. The ball is now on Rooney’s foot.

  3. He’s probably been offered a ludicrous payrise and not much else. Money is what money at the end of the day. I also can’t help but feel a few arms may have been twisted, death threats, possible wider societal fallout of Rooney’s actions?

    Don’t be surprised if you see Rooney sold off within 2 years. Now that he’s in a long term contract, when they do decide to sell, they will receive full compensation rather than letting him go for peanuts as was going to be case in January. This contract may well just be about protecting Man Utd’s financial assets more than anything.

    The situation doesn’t really change much for United. They’ve still got massive debt problems, mis-management, inability to attract or buy the best players in the world due to lack of transfer funds.

  4. I agree that this deal has more to do with United protecting its assets. As soon as Rooney and United have a falling out again he will be sold at a hefty profit. It would not be inconceivable that fans will still not welcome him with open arms and as soon as things go sour with his form they will turn on him and that might prompt him to ask for a transfer at which time United will readily oblige and make a huge profit.

    1. Exactly.United have only agreed to the huge salary demand just to keep his market value.what do you think is keeping rooney from playing these days?he’s had a fall out with SAF & i don’t think SAF will forgive soon as madrid come looking for him ,he’ll be sold maybe 50 or 60 million.Greater players than Rooney had to pack their bags from OT ‘coz they had fallen out with SAF.i think Rooney will not be an exception.

  5. Wow… Mr Rooney you owe your teammates, the ones who you just said couldn’t basically win anything, a big apology. This didn’t have to become such a spectacle.

  6. As he’s cup tied, he wouldn’t be of use to any of the champions league teams during the January transfer window. Maybe the agreement was that he’ll sign a contract and then be sold off in the summer to a team of his choosing. Therefore, manu gets something out of the deal and rooney gets to the club of his choice.

  7. dml’s take on it:

    So, basically one of three things:

    1) All this was a ploy orchestrated by Fergie and aided by Rooney to get more money and promises from the Glazers in relation to transfers etc

    2) Rooney signs a contract meaning that if sold in Jan or the summer, United can now demand a massive fee, rather than losing him for nothing

    3) Rooney held the club to ransom and got what he wanted. What a hero.?


    1. lollllloolo you’re a whore wayne lol what u sayin now u disloyal munich bastards he still a scouse bastard? lol

  8. He is not a hero. This guy is a spoiled brat. Granted he is a good footballer, but he is brought up in such a way as to think he is the Diego Maradona of his time. Playing for a club like Manchester Utd is anybody’s dream, and yet he is not humble. He plays for the biggest club in the world, who has won so many trophies over the past years with Sir Alex Ferguson, and yet he says the “club has no ambition”. What he means is simply this, if he is not playing, Man Utd cannot win anything. He is the messiah and everybody should bow to the great Rooney. Unfortunately, he might be considered a good footballer and a good striker, but he’ll never go down as one of the great strikers of Manchester United, unless he cleans up his childish acts and plays football like we all know he is capable of.

  9. Gaffer, perhaps he simply realized that it is he who needed United rather than the other way around. Face it mate, your assessment of the situation was flat out wrong.

    1. I disagree Miami Kid. Rooney definitely had the better hand in the negotiating deal, and who knows what United promised him to keep him at Old Trafford. Yes, I’m surprised that they were able to work out a deal, but at the end of the day Man United needed Rooney more than Rooney needed United which is why I believe United ponied up more money to keep him at United.

      The Gaffer

        1. Definitely should be interesting to see what happens this season. So far, City is ahead of United in the league. Should be a fascinating race between now and the end of the season.

          The Gaffer

      1. Maybe United didn’t have to promise him that much. Maybe Rooney’s agent maid some quick phone calls and discovered that there weren’t that many suitors lining up if any at all.

  10. I’m honestly not surprised that this ended up going down the way it did. He has shown his true colors over the last week, and they’re clearly not RED.

    The squad isn’t playing top class football right now and it’ll be interesting to see how this saga plays out, over the course of the next few months, if they continue to struggle.

    There is no one in world football right now with more pressure on them than young Wayne Rooney.

  11. In years gone by, Alex Fergusson would have packed Rooney’s bags and told him to F-Off…. but these are days when even United will bend to pressure.

    1. I think you make a very valid point. If Ronaldo were still here, he’d have benched him and sold him.

      Rooney couldn’t have timed this any better no matter how greedy he is. Sir Alex and Gill were deseprate, his agent is dirty but he played this right.

  12. Yes it seems more probable that Man Utd are saving their assessts than anything else. Till the january window or even the summer rooney can play the remaining games staying competetive, show what he can do and help him increase his pricetag. Good business .. both for united and rooney.
    United supporters will not forgive him though for being a greedy sob.

  13. Indeed, I doubt Rooney will last the full 5 years. Manchester again now has a bankable asset again to ship off when the appropriate time comes.

  14. And the United supporters, just like Colleen, will forgive him. What a hero that Wayne Rooney is!! England’s Best!! Blah, blah, blah….

  15. what a game fergie. def rooney (And united) are greedy bastards. pathetic fans who made death threats and almost ‘Attacked’ his house. he must have been in pressure when he signed. “coleen may hav forgiven u but we wont” said the scums.

  16. I donno if its such a good idea to keep him at the club…there were days when Fergie would have shipped him off…But as Ian Holloway said, ‘those days are gone’ and ‘When Alex Ferguson and Manchester United are being bullied by a player and his agent….its just wrong’.

  17. Wayne signing a new 5-year deal = Fergie’s a genius. I thought it the minute he came out publicly before their Champions League match and said he was confused by Wayne wanting to go, and then went on a dissertation about it. Next thing we know, the whole country is in an uproar. Protests outside his home, posters of Wayne defaced. We all go to bed confused and thinking, “If Wayne goes, all is not right in the world.”

    Then we wake up in the morning and he’s signed a new contract and taken a chummy picture with the Gaffer.


    Fergie’s a genius. Best thing he could do was air out the dirty laundry. Forced Wayne’s hand. Love it.

  18. First off, the total self-loathing from Man United fans about a player actually wanting to leave is quite hilarious. This scenario has been happening to all the clubs they’ve signed players from for decades. It’s his right to consider his options and Man United reacted by fattening his wallet.

    Secondly, why can’t he leave Manchester United? No one had a problem with Ronaldo leaving. Rooney has given his all for United, playing hurt, scoring vital goals, pretty much carrying the title charge by himself last year.

    No player is the bigger then the club, today Manchester United has made that statement false.

  19. Rooney never really wanted to leave that much has been proved by the manner in which all this has been resolved. The fans will definitely not be happy with him but after some booeing the fans will get behind him. Deep down every United fan will be pleased because Rooney is a world class striker and in United’s current situation they desperately need him.

  20. wow what a f****ing C***… its all about money.. really you need more than 200,000 pounds per week.. i know its supply and demand.. but that’s ludicrous money …

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