Where to Download the Football Manager 2011 Demo

In the past few weeks, you’ve probably read several of our articles and previews about the upcoming release of Football Manager 2011, the strategy football game. Well, the good news is that the game will be out in the stores from November 5th in Europe (U.S. release is scheduled before Christmas). Even better news is that you can have access to the game before everyone else on Thursday 21st October. Check out the Mirror football website on Thursday to claim your free download code.

Football Manager 2011 will be jam-packed full of new features such as real-time contract negotiations for more realistic dealings with agents, a new set-piece creator, and a completely overhauled training system.

Some of the other new features include:

  • New conversational player interaction, and improved board and backroom staff interaction,
  • New match preparation system, and a revamped training module,
  • Massively improved match view with player emotions, improved graphics and goal celebrations,
  • More immersive in-game news service, and
  • Dynamic league reputations.

If you’ve never played Football Manager before, you’re in for a treat. As the software has improved each year, the level of complexity and how immersive the game gets is more incredible each year. It truly is a very authentic football management simulation game. And the level of detail is definitely awe-inspiring.

The game is certainly a massive improvement from the first iteration of Football Manager which was launched in the early 1980s by programmer Kevin Toms. You can listen to EPL Talk’s interview with Kevin Toms from 2008. Interestingly, Toms is currently working on a new football management game that is being developed specifically for the Apple iPhone.

Other news from The Mirror newspaper includes their Facebook-based fantasy game. Mirror Football Goals is a free, facebook-based fantasy 5-a-side football game built in association with Renault. Pick your team, set up your mini-league and invite your mates today.


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