Judgment Day Awaits Wayne Rooney: Should He Stay Or Go?

On Thursday morning at 10am UK time, Manchester United chief executive David Gill will sit down with Sir Alex Ferguson and will discuss what they plan on doing with Wayne Rooney. Unless the striker has a change of heart at the last minute, which is extremely doubtful, Rooney will presumably either be sold in the January transfer window or suspended. Whether we’ll find out what the decision is, we don’t know. But what we do know is that clubs such as Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid have all expressed an interest in Rooney if the striker is made available for sale.

When you think about it, it’s incredible to consider how quickly someone like Rooney can turn from the club’s hero to a zero. I wouldn’t be surprised if most Manchester United supporters would say “Good riddance” if Rooney was sold. After all, Rooney has broken the trust of the United supporters by his actions and his words. If he truly was a Red Devil, he would soldier on. He already is making an obscene amount of money at Old Trafford, so what’s the point of making even more money when he has enough for life already?

The backlash against Rooney is already evident at Old Trafford. In Wednesday night’s Champions League match, banners were unfurled which read “Who’s the whore now Wayne?” and “Coleen forgave you, we won’t.” For one of the best Manchester United players to get that type of anger says a lot about how Rooney has upset the United faithful.

The best thing that Rooney could do right now would be to put his tail between his legs and apologize to Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson and the United supporters. That would take a man to do that, so I don’t expect Rooney to ask for forgiveness. Instead, he’ll stubbornly move forward with his aim of leaving United, to “stick it to Ferguson.” The sad fact is that Rooney has the best thing going in football right now. He has a guaranteed starting spot as long as his form improves. And he has the adoration of Manchester United supporters around the world, but that is hanging by a thread.

While all of the attention will be on Thursday’s meeting between Ferguson and Gill to see what the outcome is, let’s hope for the sake of Wayne Rooney and the Premier League that the striker realizes the cataclysmic mistake he’s making and returns to Old Trafford. It’s the best move he could make.

18 thoughts on “Judgment Day Awaits Wayne Rooney: Should He Stay Or Go?”

  1. what Rooney should do is really stick it to ManYoo. Stay the whole year and refuse a transfer. Buy out his contract at the end of the year for 5 mil and become a free agent. ManYoo gets the 5 mil and nothing more.

  2. As a fan I can’t help feeling mad at Rooney. He’s already let down club and country with his bad off-the-field decisions, so now this just looks to be in character. Even though we don’t know all the behind-the-scenes machinations, it’s still difficult to imagine facts that would sway me to think he isn’t letting down his teammates and supporters. So yes, “good ridance” describes my emotions at the moment – don’t want to see him in the jersey again. (But beneath the emotion, I know this is bad news for MUFC and probably the EPL.)

  3. and maybee jusrt mybee he said th true? tevez keano backs stam… ronaldo van n. all went off the club because the boss want puppies like park oe nevile and that took manu to be such a team like we see everyweek…

  4. I feel very strongly that this is a bad judgement call for Rooney. I think Rooney doesn’t fully realize how good he’s got it with United. He got everything going his way – adoration of the fans, nobody really questioning his greatness, yada yada yada… Compare it to say Ronaldo – after several remarkable seasons with United where he firmly established himself as one of the greatest players in the club history and spearheaded MU to multiple EPL titles and Champions League crown there were plenty of detractors and people questioning his every single move. Or take Drogba who is still imo under appreciated in EPL. Drogba was incontestably the best EPL player last season but Rooney still got the PFA player award. I doubt that anywhere in the world Rooney will find such forgiving and rewarding environment. He may get more money if signs with City or Real but I’m afraid he will learn the hard way that all that is gold does not glitter.

  5. Sorry to see him go but sadly greed trumps his lack of dedication to a great club that has brought him to the place that he enjoyed for the past six years…get rid of the baggage and the American parasites at the same time!

  6. It’s a conspiracy to take attention off of poor results and Rooney is in on it for his own advantage. Ferguson, Gill, and Rooney are trying to scare the Glazers to sell or bring in more talent. Sir Alex has never seemed disheartened after a player has defied him like Rooney did, in-fact he has acted the opposite. Ferguson and Gill are up to something, the Rooney transfer saga will continue into January but he will end up a United player come February with a high profile player brought in to boot. I might be half joking but even though I think Ferguson is a brilliant manager, I also think he is crazy and would not put this past him.

  7. As a United supporter, I can honestly say without a doubt that im disappointed and no longer have the same respect I had for Wayne Rooney that I did before. With that being said, I believe the best move for him is to move on and seek a new challenge. Despite his form in 09-10, he’s been rather lackluster since his injury at the end of last season. He has let thousands of fans down, and quite possibly his teammates as United has been quite poor lately as well. A move would be good in terms of possibly kick-starting his career, however I can see his situation getting much worse if he goes to a team like Madrid.


    Looks good, doesnt it? Chelsea, Champions again!

  9. Rooney has pooped his bed and there ain’t no unpooping it. He cannot stay at Manchester United. The fans will never trust him again. Ferguson will never fully trust him again. His teammates will never completely trust him again. Best he just went to Chelsea or Real Madrid and accepted that he will never again experience the fans’ love the way he did during his years at ManU.

    That being said, none of this would be happening if the Glazers weren’t doing their damndest to run Manchester United into the ground. Had they signed Ozil, Eden, Suarez, and/or other names of that caliber Rooney wouldn’t have a case to make about the team lacking ambition to win trophies. Instead their signings this summer left us scratching our heads wondering “who the f%#k is Bebe?”. This doesn’t forgive Rooney completely, but he is not the villian of this tragedy.

  10. As he is behaving like a little kid, make him train with the kids, play him in the reserves, see how he likes going to Bury on a cold Thursday night playing in front of one man and his dog. What a tosser he is, all the kissing of the badge crap, (done same at Everton, remember his once a blue always a blue) what a load of xxxxoxks! Chelsea, Real Madrid you can have the little weasel, and he will do same to you as done to manu. Colleen dump him as well

  11. CR7 may have an ego bigger than the known universe, but he kept the transfer news to himself and played like a true United player till the end.
    You can pay for school, but you can’t buy class.

  12. This ought to be a poignant lesson to any prospective player of how fast Manchester United fans will turn on you if you ever decide you want out

  13. i want to vote in the poll, but where is the “f**k off back to merseyside you money grubbing scouse whore” option?

    only months ago, he wanted a lifetime contract. no morals, no honour in this boy.

    we were fooled by a dirty scouse rat.

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