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Introducing the Debut of EPL Talk Readers’ Choice Month

readers choice 2010 button Introducing the Debut of EPL Talk Readers’ Choice MonthFive years ago this November, EPL Talk was born. To celebrate our five-year anniversary, we’re doing something unconventional. We’re handing over the keys of the kingdom to you. Between now and November, you can suggest what stories you’d like us to write about. Then the best ideas will be narrowed down for the readers of EPL Talk to vote on, and the winning stories will then appear on the site throughout November. Consider it our way of saying thank you, as well as an opportunity for you to recommend what you’d like to read about.

The EPL Talk Readers’ Choice Month will kick off on Monday, November 1 and will run through that entire month. But between now and then, go ahead and post your story ideas in the comments section below.

When thinking of story ideas, try to think of ones that will have a long shelf life. For example, articles about Wayne Rooney’s feud with Sir Alex Ferguson may be topical right now but by the time the EPL Talk Readers’ Choice Month begins in November, the news will be old.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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18 Responses to Introducing the Debut of EPL Talk Readers’ Choice Month

  1. RobG4 says:

    How about a recurring “Where Are They Now?” story highlighting past heroes of the Premier League? I’m always interested in knowing what football stars do after they leave the pitch.

  2. James Kay says:

    After the recent shambles at Liverpool, and with Rooney’s desire to leave United being attributed by some to the owners’ lack of ambition – I think it would be interesting to look more closely at the finances of the Premier League clubs, specifically their ability to turn a profit, and maybe a look into what the impact the UEFA financial fair play rules will have on each top flight club e.g. who will benefit, who will habe to curb spending etc?

  3. EvertonfanKY says:

    How can FSC and FSC+ Improve there channel?
    Why can’t Everton find an investor?
    Are players wages justified?
    Which club has the best home grown talent?
    Is it time for the EPL to use video technology?
    Why should managers be fined for complaining about the ref? Isn’t this freedom of speech? And should the ref be held more accountable?

  4. John R says:

    1) Top player performances in a game over the last five years
    2) Top five player yearlong performances in the last five years.
    3) A look at the rate of manager turnover and if teams that keep their manager during a particular rough year are more likely to experience long term success due to manager stability.
    4) Do high transfer fees and splashy signings ensure success?
    5) Hooliganism: Then and Now or Hooliganism in the internet age
    6) A Trivia post covering the past five years
    7)Racism in the EPL: Then and Now or has the “Say no to racism” program been a success in the EPL

    Only found this blog last year, but have been an avid reader since. Congrats on the five year mark guys. Your hard work is appreciated.

  5. Drew M. says:

    I’d like to see some articles about tactics, particularly focusing on the midfield and the various roles midfielders play. If you could put together some YouTube examples, that’d be even better.

    More info on the transfer market of today, how it works and how it fails, would be nice.

  6. eddie torres says:

    There have been a couple of articles lately about football for those of us who are new fans – carryovers from this summer’s World Cup.

    I would like more articles on the tactics and strategies of the game – not just team strategies, but what are the optimal player attributes for a particular position. If the 4-4-2 is oudated (as many English fans were saying after the WC), why do so many Premier League teams still seem to utilize it exclsively (or maybe its just my uneducated brain that is misinterpreting formations)?

  7. Jason says:

    1. What teams have the best official websites (aside from Man City who certainly have the best). This includes teams in ALL of Great Britain (i.e. Scottish clubs, lower division clubs in addtion to EPL clubs). I think the number one criteria for a good website is free highlight videos of the clubs with a decent quality too. Number two is that it is not generic.

    2. Countdown of most exciting relegation battles in the last 15 years.

    3. Can Man Utd or Arsenal finish outside the top 4 this year.

  8. Dave C says:

    Personally I like stuff that’s slightly off-beat (the “where are they now” idea above sounds good to me)…but then my favourite post of the last few days was the “England manager flow-chart”, which generated precisely zero comments, so perhaps I have niche tastes…

    Perhaps one draw-back of a “where are they now” idea is that this site is read mainly (I think) by American fans of the premier league, so a lot of people featured on a “where are they now” series might be completely unknown to them. So perhaps a similar series, but more along the lines of “great premier league players you might not have heard of if you’re new to the game”, would be appreciated. I’m thinking maybe of guys like Matt Le Tissier, Tony Yeboah, Les Ferdinand, David Ginola etc. (Apologies if that seems incredibly patronizing to anyone who IS familiar with those players).

    Also, maybe historical/cultural articles like the recent one on Liverpool’s anthem. I’m sure there are other folkloric tales to be told. Or articles on the golden days of clubs that have since fallen down the leagues.

    Ok, that aside can I please mention what I do NOT want to see more of:
    (a) articles on how England are over-rated (it’s been done to death already).
    (b) tactical articles. No offence, but everyone knows about Zonal Marking already, and that is pretty much established as the #1 tactical website. The few tactical stories that have featured on EPL Talk have been very weak in comparison, and I’d rather you just stick to what you’re good at.

  9. The Gaffer says:

    Thanks everyone. Lots of excellent ideas. Hoping to hear from other readers too with your ideas.

    The Gaffer

  10. Smokey Bacon says:

    Stats. Best/Worst post of the month. Highest rated article etc.

  11. Andy says:

    I would like to see an article and discussion on the whole concept of the English Premier League and the number of foreign born players on the top teams whether it is time to move away from the EPL completely and have a European “super-league”

    The Big 4 teams in the EPL (Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U and Liverpool) are the top money makers and will always be able to buy the top players from all over the world, to the detriment of the league as a whole. The same teams will always be competing in Europe anyway, so why not just have a European super-league as that (in effect) is what exists now. I am an “old school” English football supporter that can remember the excitement that was generated when Ardiles and Villa came to play for Tottenham – the first big foreign players to come the England and play for a first division team, but now the foreign players on the top teams outnumber the home-grown players who seem to be few and far between.

    Back in the day, teams had schoolboy sides, reserves and first teams and you could follow a player as he came through the ranks. Players had a solid connection with the team and the supporters, something I think is probably non-existent now. There seems to be no pipeline for bringing young players up through the system, and I believe is the reason the England national side is no longer the team it once was.

    The teams in a European super-league could be allowed to have as many foreign born players as they want, but the teams in the English Premier League would then be limited to no more than (for example) four foreign players, the remainder coming from the UK. This in turn would even out the Premier League and also ensure that the next generation of English/Welsh/Scots/Irish youngsters were able to play competitively at the highest levels.

    Wow, didn’t mean to leap on a soap box here, but I honestly feel the game in England now is not the same one I grew up with.

  12. Fernando says:

    An article on how managers like Steve Bruce, Bryan Robson, Gary Megson etc keep getting hired to be managers.

    How does their track record of almost no success keep allowing them to get jobs. Meanwhile someone like Steve Clarke has worked with many managers and does not have his own team yet. Surely, there are other black managers like Chris Hughton who deserve to be considered for coaching positions but are over looked b/c Steve Bruce played for Manchester United.

  13. Dave C says:

    I just thought of this idea: how about a simple article (maybe even a poll) asking readers how they first became aware of the EPL Talk website? i.e. was it through random googling, was it linked to another blog, word-of-mouth, etc etc.

    I thought it might be interesting to readers to see how they’ve stumbled across this mutual meeting point, and maybe it would be useful to you, as a website guy, to see where you’re attracting readers from.

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