Major League Soccer Weekend Review: MLS Talk Podcast

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While Real Salt Lake and Seattle were affirming their places as the league’s form teams, Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York were dealt setbacks. On this edition of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast, myself and Christopher Riordan take inventory of the league with one week left in the regular season.

3 thoughts on “Major League Soccer Weekend Review: MLS Talk Podcast”

  1. Richard,

    Re: the Sounders protest, from my understanding, the issue with scheduling a friendly match with Chivas de Guadalajara was the timing of the event. With the CONCACAF CL group stage & US Open Cup in addition to the run-up to the end of the season, was a friendly match really necessary to add to an already packed schedule? I don’t think it was. I’m not a Sounders fan, so I can’t speak with absolute authority, but I didn’t hear any Seattle supporters complain about the Boca Jrs or Celtic friendly matches when those happened, so I don’t think the friendlies themselves are the issue, just the timing of this last one.

    Also, any chance you and Chris plan to eulogize the 8 teams that did not make the playoffs, and what their future prospects may look like, at least based on performance this season?

    1. As a regular at Sounders games, but not an ECS member the explanation I heard was that the protest was about the timing of the third friendly in the midst of CCL, then end of the MLS regular season and just after the close of the USOC. If this game had been held in July I don’t think anyone would have been complaining.

      It will be interesting if SSFC responds and changes the timing of next year’s friendlies.

      I say kudos to ECS for giving away their tickets to a bunch of kids and for helping create a great atmosphere at Qwest at all the other games, especially the USOC Final. Even last night for the final meaningless CCL game ECS was still out in force leading the singing

  2. All valid points regarding TV and the need for better coverage. I for one would like to see implemented next season a “Match of the Day” style weekly highlights show. This would be an hour long show with lengthy highlights of each match; pre highlight intro feature (featuring fan comments before the game, player interviews/profiles); and a post match manager comments/studio review. Airing a show like this would instantly help better educate fans (exposure to each weeks matches), would draw in ‘curious’ fringe fans with exciting highlights, and would help create a narrative to the season which would increase excitement going into the playoffs.

    I’d also like to see a mid week (Hard Knocks style) docu-series which would feature a behind the scenes look at two teams each week, showing preparation/build up to a big match (could feature the two teams that would feature on ESPN game of the week) or rivallry match. Show could feature profiles of players which would increase fans emotional connection to them (which is something that the league has the option to take advantage of vs other professional leagues bc it’s already so excessible).

    Creating rivalries and an exciting build up to the playoffs would take the MLS to another level. These are two ways that i think would help that process..

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