Special 1 TV Returns to the Airwaves, Once Again: Video

Trust Special 1 TV to return with perfect timing. The BBC 3 show is back with its first episode of the season, albeit quite late. But in the episode, there’s plenty of talking points including:

  • Wayne Rooney’s sexual indiscretions,
  • Sven’s recruitment by Leicester City,
  • Liverpool fiasco,
  • and much more.

Not the greatest episode but definitely worth a few chuckles.

6 thoughts on “Special 1 TV Returns to the Airwaves, Once Again: Video”

  1. Now the season has truly started! Yes it does seem this weekend with some great great results, the end of the Liverpool ownership saga, and the end of international breaks for a while, and the end of my teams MLS season brings, and the return of Special One TV the EPL has come to life. I thought the games this weekend looked sharper than any other week so far.

    The show is a classic, a little drier than in the past but better produced. It has become part of the reason we all love the EPL.

  2. Gaffer,
    I gotta disagree – I thought this episode was hilarious! Great to have Sven, Wayne, and Jose back! BE CHAMPIONS!

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