Pre-Show Open Thread: EPL Talk Podcast, Weekend Review

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Thank the heavens that league football is back! And boy, did the English Premier League remind us what we were missing. A Merseyside derby, a compelling (if deliberate) affair at Villa Park, and a slew of great matches adorned this weekend’s fixture list. For myself, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna, it’s fodder for a great show.

More fodder for a great show: your feedback, which we want. Use the comments section of this post to tell us your thoughts on and questions about this weekend’s action. We’ll do our best to incorporate your feedback And as always you can use Twitter to reach the host (@richardfarley) or get in touch via email (

And this week we will be streaming the show on Ustream. The anticipated start time is 10p BDT/5p EDT/2p PDT.

6 thoughts on “Pre-Show Open Thread: EPL Talk Podcast, Weekend Review”

  1. I know Manchester City is doing well, but is Mancini’s job in any danger long term considering his issues with Tevez and the not exactly dominating performances, even in victories, against several sides that will likely finish in the bottom half of the table?

  2. Aside from Rooney’s problems, what do you think should be a greater concern for Manchester United, their midfield or defense?

  3. I typically hate the whole “the press is out to get us” hysteria, but it was hard not to notice some level of anti-Wenger glee in the media after Wilshire’s red. Among clearer heads, shouldn’t a differentiation be made between dangerous (but mostly isolated) challenges like Wilshire’s and an overall cynical style of play (I won’t name names, but we all know which managers are guilty)?

  4. Big clubs always getting the benefit of the doubt have to be addressed, Tottenham this year got a call against Stoke and then a call against Fulham, the shenanigans today at Bloomfield Road, Arsenal’s Chamakh diving all over the place, something needs to be done.

  5. With Liverpool’s convincing win over Chelsea and back on track play of late will we have a Big 5 or even a Big 6 if Tottenham improves their EPL play?

  6. It seems as though Tottenham has suffered again from a post-Europe hang over, how have other EPL clubs new to Champions League play fared in the attempt to balance league play and European play?

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