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Jack Wilshere Shows He Still Has A Lot To Learn

 Jack Wilshere Shows He Still Has A Lot To Learn
victory over Birmingham was overshadowed by a clumsy challenge by Jack Wilshere that saw the young English star pick up the first red card of his professional career. While Wilshere may have the world at his feet, the red card demonstrates that the 18-year-old still has plenty learn.

It really was a mixed day for Arsene Wenger’s latest protégé. He showed plenty of the quality that seen him quickly be touted as England’s latest star, but his tackle showed an element of petulance that Wenger will now quickly look to stamp out of his game.

Wenger himself almost surprisingly had no complaints about the red card but was quick to point out that the tackle was an anomaly in Wilshere’s game. He said: “It looked to me as a red card. He didn’t want to harm the player but he caught him and it’s difficult to complain after as he touched the ankle of the player.

“Jack has acknowledged he deserved it, but he did not spend his whole game trying to kick people, he was one of the best players on the pitch.”

Wilshere’s ability is undoubted but from what I have seen of the youngster there has always been potential for a wreckless lunge. His temper seems easily frayed and it is something that Wenger must work on to make sure Wilshere’s needless challenges don’t stop him fulfilling his potential.

We must obviously remember Wilshere is young but if Wenger can control his fiery temper then just imagine the player Arsenal and England will have on their hands.

The comparisons with Cesc Fabregas are obvious, and in my opinion Wilshere could very much follow in the foot-steps of the Spaniard.  I really feel, and hope Wilshere could lead a breed of the more technically gifted English footballers.

In years gone by there has been a focus on physical attributes in youngsters. So much so that some clubs would chose youngsters based purely on pace, power or strength, and then worry about coaching them technique.

Wilshere proves that natural ability is purely enough to make it as a footballer. Physically he lacks any real prowess, but technically he so gifted. What we saw today was the good and the bad of Wilshere, but hopefully in years to come we will see purely the good.

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7 Responses to Jack Wilshere Shows He Still Has A Lot To Learn

  1. HUerf says:

    Lord, you write like a 15 year old. You just got hidden on newsnow.

  2. Bluemoon says:

    The key that makes the thing changed is the French star should show and give more fighting spirit than the young boy does only esp Mr song who play the defensive midfield and Abu and Nasri should concern to not lose the ball easily that make the holding and defensive midfield a hard job. But anyway in French players who care about Jacko red card.!?

  3. Jake Islas says:

    Temper is definitely the wrong word. Jack’s competitive and hard working attitude is what got the best of him. He had an otherwise perfect game and I don’t see this as a problem. As Wenger said, he wasn’t out there hacking people. It was bad tackle as his reputation shows, it’s nothing to worry about.

    And regarding his defense and physicality, Wilshere had some tremendous tackles in the deep midfield today and he has always been a tough guy to get by when he’s in the deep midfield. As I said, perfect game by Jack until the red card.

  4. jonathan says:

    Jack is 18 and english, do we really expect anything less?

  5. jonathan says:

    but really, wilshere could be great anywhere across the midfield. this season wilshere has only shown the discipline to sit back and defend when needed and any attacking vision. he’s playing way beyond his years…and not every soccer player can be a ryan giggs and only get one red card their entire career. that is just insane.

  6. mic says:

    really? he’s 18 years old..give the kid a break,he’ll be just fine

  7. Ian Ure says:

    18 year old has a lot to learn – that’s a shocker isn’t. Thanks for the insight.

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