Stoke City vs Leeds United, 1973-74: Friday Flashback Videos

In this week’s installment of Friday Flashback Videos, we take you back to the 1973-74 season for a then glamor tie between Stoke City and Leeds United.

Feel free to post your observations about the game in the comments section below. What did you find interesting or odd about the game?

One thought on “Stoke City vs Leeds United, 1973-74: Friday Flashback Videos”

  1. Really enjoying these flashback videos, Gaffer. Great to see the old kits with no sponsers and really short shorts. It really is strange to think this is what football looked like before the Premiership, what with the lack of foreign names, the standing supporters of pre-Hillsborough and the limited coverage on TV of the games.

    By the way are you getting these matches from Youtube? I am thoroughly enjoying them.

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