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English Football Fan Journal: Manchester and Old Trafford

 English Football Fan Journal: Manchester and Old Trafford

I’m liking the vibe of Manchester. Really cool town with a bit less of the fuss involved with London. Manchester, what an important city as it pertains to my life. The bands that have emerged from this area have touched me while one of the football teams, the red half, has held great significance in my footballing passions.

Me and the +1 were able to take the tour at Old Trafford this afternoon, a stunning look into the home grounds I watch on TV every weekend from the States. One odd observation I had was just how much smaller the pitch was when viewed from ground level. Maybe ‘small’ isn’t the best word, yet the pristine green just looks so massive on TV while the Stretford End seems like a never ending see of Red support. Both remained in perspective when viewed in person.

We walked through the players dressing room, the tunnel out to the pitch and even strolled down an impressive hall which featured commemoration for the victims of the Munich air disaster. The tours themselves run just about every 15 or 20 minutes with close to twenty or more supporters in tow.

Old Trafford is an incredible spectacle, and I’m hoping it tickles my fancy even more when it’s filled with 70,000 supporters this Saturday v West Brom. As far as the city, we visited the Manchester city centre upon our arrival back from Old Trafford which was abuzz with live music, cafes, pubs and a decent enough burrito joint. I’m sure a more in depth experience will present itself to me on match day. For that write up, watch this space.

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4 Responses to English Football Fan Journal: Manchester and Old Trafford

  1. Ethiene says:

    Im glad you were able to make it to OT. when I went I remember just how green the grass was, it felt even greener than on the TV! Wait until you see how full that place can get, and even HOW HARD it will be to leave the ground after the match!

  2. burgos says:

    Hope you have fun at OT. One day I’ll be able to fulfill #1 on my bucket list. I always try to convince my +1 to do the utd tour w/ me. I can’t wait to read the rest. Thanks for the writeup.

  3. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Sounds like a cracking match you’ve managed to get to there Jesse. Glad it’s not the walkover many would expect as you get to feel the real see-saw, heart in mouth, chest pounding, hair tearing experience that makes football so entertaining.

  4. patrick says:

    Sounds like your dream come true…
    But Jesse, what is with you seeing the teams you love and they draw. I think you need to restart the system and see a team you don’t care about. Maybe if you get the train North on Monday and take in Blackburn v Sunderland.

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