Football Manager 2011, Official Trailer: Video


The official trailer for Football Manager 2011 has been released. The latest edition of the immensely popular football management strategy game is scheduled for release in the UK on November 5. And is expected to be released in the United States before Christmas.

The trailer for Football Manager will debut on television on October 17, so here’s your chance to take a look at it before it’s on the tube. The video perfectly sums up the different opinions that fans and players have and the pressure on a football manager to either listen to their opinions or make decisions on what you think is right.

Some of the new features of the game include:

  • New live contract negotiation system,
  • New conversational player interaction, and improved board and backroom staff interaction,
  • New match preparation system, and a revamped training module,
  • Massively improved match view with player emotions, improved graphics and goal celebrations,
  • More immersive in-game news service, and
  • Dynamic league reputations.

Watch a sneak preview of Football Manager 2011 now.

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