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Chelsea v Arsenal, December 2006: The Brilliant Strike of Michael Essien

Reflecting on Chelsea v Arsenal’s match this past Sunday at Stamford Bridge, I was immediately reminded of one of the most amazing goals I have ever seen.

The date was December 10, 2006.  Chelsea desperately need points as they hosted Arsenal in order to keep pace with a runaway Manchester United at the top of the table.  However, in the 78th minute, the Gunners would be the first to put one on the scoresheet as Alexander Hleb’s swift passing found Mathieu Flamini who shot past Hilario into the bottom corner.

Wenger’s side looked to notch their first win against the Blues in over two years.  But then, with just five minutes before added time, one of the most formidable and dangerous midfielders in the Premier League would shake the very foundations of his home ground with a truly incredible strike…

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14 Responses to Chelsea v Arsenal, December 2006: The Brilliant Strike of Michael Essien

  1. Brandon says:


  2. J. Gray says:

    i remember sneaking into a friends place and turning on his tv to watch this game… he was still passed out… but after that strike I think the whole block was awake… unbelievable

  3. J. Gray says:

    I remember sneaking into a friends place to watch this game. He was sleeping… but I woke up the whole block after that strike… Unbelievable

  4. Dino Gunners says:

    Found it. Even as a gunners fan, i must admit, that was a beauty goal.

  5. jm says:

    I remember watching this live at the time (as an Arsenal supporter, so my memories are not so fond!). I was, of course, bitter and angry about giving up the lead, but I remember seeing the replay from behind Essien, where you can really see the curve on the shot, and realizing I just had to tip my hat to an astounding goal.

  6. Dave C says:

    I love the way he seems to absolutely whack the ball, but yet it still takes an age to actually reach the goal.

  7. UpTheBlues says:

    Gives me chills. :)

  8. Kimo C. says:

    You have to love Jose’s reaction. It’s almost as if he scored from the dugout. Celebrating with the fans is always acceptable when a goal looks that good.

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