Best Goals Of The Season From English Football, 1972-2010

One of the highlights of the season for a lot of English football supporters is seeing the goals of the season. It’s often a difficult decision to limit it to the best goal each month during the season. And even more so when only one goal is chosen as the winner of the best goal of that particular season. After all, what makes a goal of the season better than other ones of similar skill? It’s like trying to pick your favorite son or daughter. It’s almost impossible.

So in this collection of ‘Best Of’ videos from the 1972-73 through 2009-2010 seasons, we let BBC’s Match Of The Day do the honors of picking the best ones. Albeit, the compilation of videos from ’72 to ’10 is not complete. We’re missing several years, especially in the 90s. But still, the videos are a pleasure to watch to see how far this game has come (or gone backwards, depending on your outlook).

After the compilation of 1972-73, we skip ahead to the best goals from the 1993-94 season:

And then we zoom ahead to 2004-05:

Followed by 2007-08:

And then 2008-09:

And last, but not least, here is 2009-10:


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