Kevin Davies Named to England Squad: Why It Makes Sense

Kevin Davies Bolton Wanderers 2009/10 Alex Chelsea Chelsea V Bolton Wanderers (1-0) 13/04/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Seeing Kevin Davies name in an England squad may be a shock to some people, indeed it may be a shock to Kev himself.

Is it some sort of madness by Capello? Is he really so desperate for strikers that he has to select this Bolton Wanderers journeyman?

Well, yes.

At 33 years of age, Davies is hardly the future. But what he does offer off the bench is one very big thing indeed and that very big thing is his arse.

A substantial backside has been Kev’s weapon of choice for many years and he’s an expert at using it. He can stick it into defenders all day long, block them off, hold up the ball and generally bruise people with the sheer power of his muscular buttocks. Kev doesn’t play a lot of football really and admittedly he isn’t a high class, sophisticated footballer, nor is he especially skilful but on some occasions it can be very effective. If you want someone to be a target man, to occupy defenders and create space for more skilful progressive players to do their stuff, Kev is the go to man. It is what he does. In fact, it’s almost all he does.

Now, it is unlikely that Capello really sees this as the way forward for England. Davies isn’t the new Heskey, in fact, as it turned out at the World Cup, not even Heskey was the new Heskey. But there might be an occasion when this is exactly what is needed and the bench is there to offer different options. Some games call for a very physical approach; someone to get stuck in and put themselves about a bit. If that’s the case on Tuesday, Kev will not let anyone down.

Admittedly, Capello has almost no other English strikers to choose from who are not injured. Talk of Newcastle’s Andy Carroll always looked premature after just a handful of top flight games.

So when Fabio got to the bottom of the barrel there was Kevin with his ready and willing backside looking back at him. It illustrates the lack of top quality striking depth available to play for England but it also should give hope to every Englishman, no matter how much of a journeyman he is. One day, due to a lot of injuries and with a mere 33% of Englishmen starting a weeks Premier League games, you too could play for England. Let’s face it, if Kev is an international footballer, we might as well all bring our boots to the game.

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18 thoughts on “Kevin Davies Named to England Squad: Why It Makes Sense”

  1. Michael Owen + strength + aerial threat = Kevin Davies

    I’d welcome Bent and Davies as the big man / little man duo at the Euros.

  2. What an ignorant, piece of trash article demonizing a player because he plays for a “lesser” EPL club. So typical of this website.

  3. For a ‘bottom of the barrel’ player he’s managed to score a hundred goals and always rates a 7 or 8 assessment every game. If he had played in a more fashioable team the likes of Heskey wouldn’t have got a look in. He is always regarded as a dirty player because he concedes a lot of free kicks, but he is also the most fouled player in the Premier League. He gives it out, but he also takes plenty, and you never see him writhing around on the ground screaming foul. He just gets up and gets his own back. Typical of the centre forwards we used to breed years ago when England were a real force in the football world. All we get these days are foreign ‘mega stars’ prancing around the pitch screaming foul everytime a defender comes near them. Davies may use his arse but he doesn’t talk out it like you.

    1. Amen.

      Apart from the “foreign” part – some English players are just as bad. And the comment about the author – we’re all entitled to an opinion.

  4. U obviously don’t know much about football!, I’m gunner say u most be one of those glory supporting man utd or Chelsea fans

  5. Journeyman? If that’s what he’s classed as WTF is Peter Crouch.

    Davies Age 33: Chesterfield, Southampton, Blackburn, Bolton so far.

    Crouch Age 29: Spurs, QPR, Portsmouth, Villa, Norwich, Southampton, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Spurs again.

  6. I found this article to be lighthearted and amusing. Thanks to the author for an entertaining read during my lunch hour.

  7. I find this to be uniformed, objectionable, and unnecessarily mean-spirited.

    Today Opta released the following statistic on twitter: “81 – Kevin Davies created more goalscoring chances last season than any other striker in the Premier League.”

    Davies is not only impossible to deal with in the air but his work rate is second to none. He isn’t the best passer in the world but his ability to create chances out of knockdowns and flick-ons is better than anyone in England. His strike rate isn’t high but that’s a reflection of his role on the team rather than his finishing ability.

    A fan’s appreciation of Davies depends on whether he or she believes it’s more important to be productive or fashionable.

  8. A spiteful, ill informed, ignorant, humourless and mean spirited article. “we might as well all bring our boots to the game”? Do me a favour. If you could play, that’s what you’d be doing instead of writing such drivel.

  9. In the most unimportant news of the weekend chelsea beat arsenal and go four points on top of the league with the international break. Not a peep in this blog about this

  10. Kevin Davies is a great and underappreciated player, he has held Bolton together for many seasons and having spent 7 seasons at Bolton in no way qualifies as a journeyman.

    As a striker that does not score goals, playing for a mid-table at best side he is often overlooked for the ability that he has, lively, combatative and unselfish he leads the line despite his diminutive stature exceedingly well.

    I have been saying for many years that it has suprised me he has not got international recognition, it is just a shame it is a product of Capello desperation.

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