Five Things To Note from Serie A This Weekend


To say the truth, this weekend’s Serie A fixtures weren’t that exciting. There was no match this weekend with more than three goals scored in it, and there were two goalless matches. This weekend there were few memorable results, but there were five things to note, regarding the Serie A.

1. Pirlo saves AC Milan with a wondergoal

AC Milan only managed to defeat Parma 1-0 this weekend, and while you might think Ibrahimovic scored the goal, instead it was the veteran Pirlo. Pirlo’s goal was fantastic, an amazing shot far from the goal which dipped right after clearing Mirante’s gloves, flying in right through the top right-hand corner. While this effort was amazing, it wasn’t followed up by a second or a third by the rossoneri. And with the world-class players that they have in their attack, you’d expect a little more than their slightly passive performance against Parma. But let’s look at the positives for AC Milan, they managed to win. And while many other teams weren’t able to find a goal, AC Milan was able to, and they won three important points.

2. Lazio continue to fly

Lazio find themselves at the top of the table, with only one loss and one draw, the Roman side have won four times so far in the Serie A. While there are plenty of reasons why Lazio is doing so well, in my opinion the main one is Edy Reja. One of my favorite coaches who sets up sides to play an attacking style while still having a solid defence. Lazio defeated Brescia this weekend with Mauri scoring thanks to a sublime through pass from Hernanes. But we’ll have to see if they can continue their good form, and push for a Champions League spot, or whether they’ll die down into the midtable.

3. Roma suffer with continued inconsistency

While last week was the perfect chance to kickstart their season, Roma have stumbled yet again this weekend. The giallorossi suffered a 2-0 loss to Napoli giving Walter Mazzarri’s side plenty of chances to score. Right now, Roma find themselves 19th in the table, having won only one game. While I didn’t think that Roma could be a title contender this season, I certainly expected a little more from them. If Ranieri’s side can’t begin to string some wins together, then it could be a very glum season for any Roma fans.

4. Ilicic scores a “Goal of the season” contender

While Pirlo’s goal was majestic, I certainly preferred Ilicic’s against Fiorentina. Palermo defeated Fiorentina 2-1 at the Artemio Franchi, and it was the opening goal which left me stunned. A superb left foot strike from the slovenian which flew into the top left hand corner, impossible for Frey to keep out. It’s probably one of the best goals I’ve seen in a long time, and I truly appreciated it when I saw it from the camera which was behind the player. From this viewpoint I saw the ball swerve and move around until it finally slotted in beautifully into the back of the net. If you haven’t seen this goal, be sure to check it out.

5. Juventus show signs of recovery

This weekend’s big game was Inter Milan against Juventus, and both sides played a good match creating plenty of chances. And while Inter Milan were slightly handicapped thanks to their large amount of injuries, Juventus played a fantastic match against the European champions. Krasic was a constant threat on the right wing, and he even created a goal for Iaquinta which was disallowed for offside. Quagliarella missed a great chance in front of Julio Cesar who was particularly inspired on the night, and Del Piero was subbed on for the final ten minutes of the match, providing an attacking incentive. A great result for a stuttering Juventus side, and from here the bianconeri will look to grab three relatively easy points at home against Lecce coming up.

What were your thoughts on this weekend’s action? Was Pirlo’s goal or Ilicic’s goal better? Comment below!

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    1. True, and is it just me, or does it look like Robinho has been messing up the system a little? Wrong player for the club, too bad that there will be few clubs who will want to buy him next year.

      1. Niccolo,

        You mention an important point which I have been stressing a lot about regarding Robinho: he was more of a big-name and grab the headlines signing as opposed to the player Milan needed.

        I am not sure he can settle in Milan. He’s probably best suited to play back in Brazil. It’s just a character issue. At this point, his morale is very low and he needs to score and very soon! I actually talked about Robinho extensively in this piece:

  1. As a Lazio fanatic, there are no words I can think of to describe the performances I’ve seen this season so far. On the whole their performances have been . . . sensational!? . . . I think they’ve played some classy, attacking, free flowing football. Perhaps I’m exaggerating, maybe their performance last season was so dissapointing that now I’m trying to see more than is actually there??!

    As a fan, however, I do realise my opinions may be one sided. So I would really like to know your opinions on the team and their performance so far, honestly. . . and how you recon they’ll do as the season progresses. . .

    1. Hi Christian,

      I think that Lazio are stunning right now. And I’ve already stated that the manager is what made the difference, Edi Reja is truly top class, and with the talent at Lazio, I’m not surprised they’re doing well.

      The only problem I could see with Lazio’s progression throughout the season is their president, Claudio Lotito. I absolutely despise the man, and I believe that he’s got the potential to destroy any club with stupid decisions (for example, Pandev and Ledesma’s freezing).

      If Reja can keep Lotito away from the team, then I think Lazio will progress to a Europa League spot, if not a Champions League spot. We’ll just have to see what happens when they face Inter, Juve, AC Milan, and especially Roma.

      If I were a Lazio fan, I’d certainly be happy, cause the club looks like it’s doing great and that it will continue for some time.

  2. Juventus were dangerous during a stretch in the first-half when Krasic was attacking and being thorn for the Inter defenders. Once Krasic tired, Juve slowed down.

    For Juve to return to the glory days, they need a left-winger with Krasic’s ability and they need Krasic to work harder on his fitness. Krasic has pace and is capable of taking on defenders but he does seem to tire in the second-half.

    Knowing how Juve’s coach relies on wingers, the Bianconeri must sign a quality left-winger.

    1. This has been a major problem for Juventus. While maybe in the future that left wing spot can be filled by Davide Lanzafame, for now the club have tried to put Pepe out there. While he provides good work rate, he just isn’t talented enough in my opinion.

      When there were rumblings about Drenthe possibly moving to Juve, I thought that it would be perfect for both sides, but the move didn’t happen. If Juventus was smart, they could grab a player like Marin from the Bundesliga, but I doubt that they’d do that.

      1. Niccolo,

        You got it spont on with Drenthe. I am not a big fan of his but I thought he’d provide what Juve are missing on the left side: a presence!

        As for Pepe, I do agree with you there. Pepe is an average player and he has many weaknesses but I must admit his work rate is a positive aspect. I am not sure Juve will sign him on a permanent basis for the future.

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