Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 7: Open Thread

Feb. 07, 2010 - London, United Kingdom - epa02020719 Chelsea's Didier Drogba (L) pulls the shorts of Arsenal's Gael Clichy (R) during the English Premier League soccer match, Chelsea vs Arsenal, at Stamford Bridge, London, England on 07 February 2010.

Arsenal and Chelsea face each other in both club’s biggest game of the season today. We’ll get a chance to see whether Chelsea’s loss to Manchester City was an anomaly or whether Chelsea is as human as they seem to be. Plus we’ll get to see whether this season’s Arsenal are the real deal or not. Lots of interesting insights can be gathered after this game, I’m sure. So for the time being let’s let the game do the talking.

The game at Stamford Bridge isn’t the only match today. The early kick off sees Manchester City take on Newcastle, while the mid-morning clash is Liverpool against Blackpool which may end up being a riveting game to watch to see what both teams are made of.

Throughout the day, feel free to post your comments, observations and venting in the comments section below. Enjoy the games!

6 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 7: Open Thread”

  1. When’s the witch hunt against de jong starting then? Two broken legs in 6 months, Holden and now Ben Arfa. Surely we must have one, it’s a staple of this site.

    1. You are forgetting De Jongs flying death kick to the chest in the World Cup Final. Considering that the tackle on Holden was less than a month before the World Cup in a meaningless friendly I’d be totally for a ban for life.

      De Jong is scum. If European football clubs operated more like American teams he would have gotten a fastball in his earhole(baseball), slammed into the boards(hockey), or probably would have been chop-blocked into an ACL tear(football). I’d settle for a player to give him a nice uppercut during match.

  2. I think part of the problem at Liverpool are the fans. The Kop… it’s where the wild things are. They worship false gods like Rafa Benitez. They don’t recognize their personnel is an absolute mess. The Prophet Mohammad couldn’t jell that squad any better than Roy Hodgson can, and yet Roy has got to go in their eyes. So short sighted. Roy’s the man. Give he time beasties… give he time.

  3. Bollocks. The first problem was Gillicks who turned LFC into a selling club, when the last manager could only take that selling club to 7th he was sacked. The new manager should be expected to at least equal if not better that result, yet Unca Woy has brought in 5 new players and has “his” team in the relegation places. He is playing players out of position (Cole is a 10, not a left winger, Meireles is a CM not a right winger, Carragher is a CB not a left back, etc). He is playing negative tactics against promoted clubs at Anfield (e.g. Playing the limited Poulson against Blackpool today). Quite simply he has turned LFC into CFL – Club Fulham Light

    The fans can be blamed for one thing and one thing only, not having the stones to stop going to the games. An empty Anfield would force Woy out and hasten the departure of Gillicks who are still trying to keep their claws on this club.

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