33 Greatest Soccer Punch Ups: Video

If you run across any sports fans who call soccer a sissy sport, have them take a look at the above video which features 33 different soccer punch ups. Some of them will make you wince. But all of them show that the sport is not as amicable as some may think.

The above video, which is rather gruesome, features a “Best Of” collection of actual soccer punch ups including Eric Cantona’s scissor kick against a Crystal Palace spectator, Roy Keane’s disgusting challenge against Alf Inge-Haaland, Diego Maradona taking revenge for Barcelona and many more.

Parents, please note that the video is not recommended for viewing by children.

4 thoughts on “33 Greatest Soccer Punch Ups: Video”

  1. I remembered that Grobbelaar vs Macca bust up with Brucie trying to cover up yet another howler by blaming someone else. Honourable mention to Arsenal’s 5’7″ Anders Limpar vs the entire Manchester United Football Team.

  2. A pipe bursting before kick off causes the ceiling in the United dressing room to collapse and delays the game 20 minutes. United spend the rest of the match playing as if the game is held underwater, perhaps an appropriate style given the dressing room situation. Throwing in the proverbial kitchen sink of attackers, including Berbatov, Chicahrito and late-sub Bebe doesn’t pay off, as United is fit to be tied on the road yet again.

  3. The Gaffer created a post with a video that glorifies “punch ups” and refutes that soccer is a sissy sport, yet 24 hours later creates a thread asking why there are so many horrible challenges, which is really a condemnation of such violent challenges. Dead ball fighting is okay, but an agressive challenge is not?

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