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Major League Soccer Weekend Preview (Mid-Week Review): MLS Talk Podcast

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The regular season is winding down, and while there’s decreasing less doubt surrounding who will make Major League Soccer’s playoffs, the Supporter’s Shield – and the places behind it – are still up-for-grabs. To talk about that race, this weekend’s matches, as well as the results from mid-week, I am joined by Christopher Riordan for this edition of the Major League Soccer Talk podcast.

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7 Responses to Major League Soccer Weekend Preview (Mid-Week Review): MLS Talk Podcast

  1. Steve H in SLC says:

    To echo what a commenter said on the last podcast posting, it would be very helpful if a direct download link could be posted in the article, as is done with the EPL Talk podcasts.

    I listen on my iPhone going to and from work, and it really doesn’t work very well for me to listen to a podcast on iTunes. It works much better for me to download it through Safari and listen that way.

  2. sergio lima says:

    I ask authorization from my friends of MLS Talk to post another video with subtitles in English from the fantastic Brazilian team Corinthians and their main group of supporters the faithful Hawks. This time reported by the EA Sports FIFA 11 video game.

  3. sergio lima says:

    Gaffer, please, write something about the latest horrible results for the American National team under 17 and under 20 on the men side. We must discuss the youth in order to give the main team any chance of winning in the future. And don’t forget, they did not play first class national teams.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Sergio, if you’re interested in writing a post about this topic, please contact me at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com

      The Gaffer

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