Is Javier Hernandez Ready For His Chance?

Manchester United's Javier Hernandez 'Chicharito' (top) celebrates a goal past Valencia's goalkeeper Cesar Sanchez during their Champions League Group C soccer match at the Mestalla Stadium in Valencia, September 29, 2010. REUTERS/Heino Kalis (SPAIN - Tags: SPORT SOCCER)
When Manchester United travelled to Valencia without Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney, there was always going to the opportunity for somebody to step up into their shoes. Well five minutes from time young Javier Hernandez took his chance with a well taken goal that will have done his hopes of breaking in to the United first team no harm.

Big things were expected from the 22-year-old Mexican forward after his arrival in England earlier this year and after a goal, all be it a fortuitous one, in the Community Shield victory over Chelsea, expectations only grew further.

While he hasn’t been able to make an impact in United’s EPL squad, Hernandez’s manager Sir Alex Ferguson claims the Mexican is well aware that he must be patient for his chance: “He’s young he knows that.

“He’s developing a lot in his game and getting some good strength work in the gymnasium. He still has some work to do on that aspect. You can’t get away from the fact that he’s a fantastic finisher and he showed that, when he takes his chances it’s like shelling peas, with either foot.”

For those of you who don’t Ferguson’s pea analogy, it comes from Hernandez’s nickname as ‘Chicharito‘. This translates into English as ‘Little Pea’, Hernandez’s father who was also a professional football was known in Mexico as ‘Pea’ because of his green eyes.

Chicharito’s family tree aside, he does now have an excellent chance of breaking in to the United first-team. He obviously has the ability to score goals, which is an invaluable quality, and now he has proven that he has enough about him to do it on the biggest stage, expect Hernandez to get his EPL chance sooner rather than later.

Wayne Rooney’s ankle injury may also hasten Hernandez’s Premier League involvement. While admittedly I haven’t seen that much of the youngster, from what I have seen, he has the makings of a player that could be a real asset for Ferguson. His goal against Valencia showed that he has the natural class to score goals, and I wouldn’t bet against him scoring a fair few more in Rooney’s absence.

What do you think? Is Chicharito ready for the Premier League?

16 thoughts on “Is Javier Hernandez Ready For His Chance?”

  1. I think it’s to early to tell, but he does show potential. I find it a little strange how he plays the best only as a substitute? Maybe just a conincidence, at least for now..

  2. Jesus Christ, the kid scores in the most important tournament in club football and you wonder if he’s ready for the likes of West Ham and Wigan, like he’s not the next big thing.

    I kid. but seriously, he’s good to go. If he were just about anywhere else in the EPL, he’d have a good five games under his belt by now.

  3. Seeing as how I just sold him from my Fantasy team, I hope not!

    More seriously, I think EPL’s big strong physical defenders may be too much for him at this point in terms of playing a full 90 minutes. But he certainly has the touch and talent to get there eventually. Maybe later this year.

    Then I’ll buy him back.

  4. I’ve seen him play for a while now and I know he has the talent to suceed in the EPL. That being said I agree with SAF and he should be patient. The best for him long term is to come on as a substitute this year, get completely adjusted to the EPL and life in England. Maybe play some games as a starter in the Carling and FA Cup. Just take it one step at a time.

    The way things are going next year he will be ready to challenge for a place in the first team, especially the way Berbatov is playing right now. Besides it’s not like Man United has a regular first team. There’s a lot of rotation and plenty of opportunities for everyone to start from time to time.

  5. maybe maybe just maybe this kid could be the next big thin am
    not saying he is going to be am saying maybe but chicharito
    is really really good

  6. Hey first of all you guys shouldn’t be talking okay and second of all dont call Chicharito hernandez a kid hes not a little kid so respect that and hes realy good and yes he wil be the first one to go to the League


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