End Of September Premier League Quiz

Dimitar Berbatov Celebrates Scoring 1st goal with team mates Manchester United 2010/11 Manchester United V Liverpool (3-2) 19/09/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom
As the second month of a pulsating Premier League season draws to a close, I think it’s time to test your knowledge of the most exciting league in the world.  What better way then a quick pop quiz about this Premier League. And if you cheat by using the internet, I will find out.

  1. Who is the tallest player to have appeared in the EPL this season?
  2. Who is the shortest player to have appeared in the EPL this season?
  3. Name the two players to have scored against Chelsea this season?
  4. Who is currently the EPL’s leading assist maker?
  5. Who has committed the most fouls in the EPL?
  6. Dimitar Berbatov scored a hat-trick in Manchester Untied’s 3-2 win over Liverpool.  Before then, when was his last EPL treble?
  7. Who has picked up the most bookings so far this season?
  8. Moussa Dembele made a great start to his Fulham career, but whom did they sign him from?
  9. Who was the first player to be sent off this season?
  10. Owen Hargreaves returned to Manchester United training this month, but when and who against did he last make a Premier League start?

I will post the answers later this week. Good luck!

12 thoughts on “End Of September Premier League Quiz”

  1. Wild guesses with no research, which should be obvious by the answers:

    1) Drogba
    2) SWP
    3) Scott Parker and Carlos Tevez
    4) Drogba
    5) Lee Cattermole
    6) Sometime when he was with Tottenham. ill guess 07 against Everton. Dunno
    7) James Perch
    8 ) Beats Me. Im gonna guess Lille
    9) Cattermole
    10) Man alive. Im gonna guess April 2008 against Everton (the whipping boy team for my guesses to these questions.

    I’ll go ahead and take my position in the back of the class now.

    1. ugh, i misread the first question. I thought it was asking for the tallest goal scorer this season, not tallest to make an appearance. The person i would have put down would have been wrong too (after having looked up the answers after guessing), but at least it wouldnt be a terrible answer.

  2. 1. Peter Crouch
    2. Carlos Tevez
    3. Tevez, Parker
    5. Shawcross
    7. Shawcross

    /these are the only ones I’ve got any business attempting to answer without using the interwebz.

  3. 1. Crouch
    2. That really really short guy for Liverpool
    3. Tevez, and someone else.
    4. Its gotta be Fabregas, or someone from Chelsea (Malouda?)
    5. Someone from Stoke
    6. Last time he scored 3 was against Reading in 07/08 with Tottenham. And he actually scored 4 that game.
    7. Shawcross
    8. The continent of Africa
    9. Joe Cole
    10. This is a tough one. Liverpool I guess.

  4. Here’s my guesses:

    1) Nikola Zigic
    2) Andrei Arshavin
    3) Scott Parker and Carlos Tevez
    4) Didier Drogba
    5) James Perch
    6) No idea, so I will say he’s never done it before.
    7) Lee Cattermole
    8) It is a team in Ligue 1, I think Marseilles
    9) Joe Cole
    10) It was in 2008, but I am not sure against whom. I will guess..oh…Bolton.



  5. Guesses based on no research, but informed from the posts above (so I only half-cheated):

    1. Would’ve guessed Crouch, but if not him, maybe a keeper – van der Saar?
    2. Lennon
    3. Parker and Tevez – both memorable
    4. Drogba
    5. maybe Warnock?
    6. 2006?
    7. Perch is probably right
    8. no idea – Ajax??
    9. no idea – Perch again?
    10. he played a little near the end of last year, so it should be April or May 2010, no idea who against – Fulham?

  6. 1. Zigic
    2. Either SWP or Lennon
    3. Parker and Tevez
    4. Nani- dude is on my fantasy team and tearing it up
    5. Player or team? If team I would go Stoke, if player Cattermole. Although they should give an award to Scholes for the most bad looking tackles
    6. No idea- in his last season with Spurs- what’s that ’07
    7. Perch- although he oddly did not pick up a booking over the weekend. Guess he figured an own goal would suffice
    8. AZ Alkmar- thank you fifa 10
    9. Cattermole
    10. No idea- it had to be 07-08. Last game I remember him in was against Arsenal- so gonna say against Arsenal

  7. 1. Nicola Zigic
    2. Aaron Lennon
    3. Scott Parker and Carlos Tevez
    4. Drogba
    5. Kevin Davies
    6. In 2007/2008 for Tottenham
    7. Lee Cattermole
    8. AZ Alkmar
    9. Joe Cole
    10. No Idea

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